Are you located in Sydney and want to plan an unforgettable event with stunning photos serving as mementos? Are you confused about choosing the best photo booth for your event? Read this article to discover why the Orbit 360 photo booth is just what you want.

Regardless of what event or party you are hosting or attending, everyone wants to capture those precious moments to have something to look back at in the future. It is said that we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. 

So, what better way to bring that vibrance and liveliness of your event to your photos than through a photo booth? Also, a photo booth has recently become a must-have for every occasion.

However, when hiring a photo booth, you may find it hard to choose from a broad range of stalls in the market. While 360 Photo Booth is famous for its entertainment and unique event experience, why not go for something more advanced, like 360 Orbit Booth, which has just been launched? 

The Orbit 360 photo booth has been introduced in Australia for the first time, and it is undoubtedly becoming the latest sensation at every party.

So, if you are located in Sydney, you have every reason to be excited about this new launch of the 360 Orbit. Keep reading this article because here is everything you need to know about it and how it will take your events and parties to the next level.

What is so unique about a 360 orbit?

A photo booth is a great way to attract people’s attention, and when you hire a 360 Orbit photo booth, you and your guests are guaranteed to have a memorable time. While a regular photo booth will capture your moments, the spin pod 360 Orbit will bring a whole new experience to your event.

This freshly launched Orbit is designed with a state-of-the-art podium surrounded by a tall frame ornate with high-power LED tube lights. The Orbit’s pedestal (pod) can accommodate up to 4-6 people, unlike the usual photo booths where your guests have to cram together in a bit of space.

At the centre of the frame, at the top, a prime quality 360 orbit cam is mounted with a robotic arm. It also has enough hanging space to allow a disco ball to be attached to the frame, thus bringing the vibes of your party to the 360 Orbit.

Its unique design renders videos and effects in real-time with super high frame-rate capture and pro-quality effects. Hence allowing you and your guests to drop their inhibitions and show their raw emotions while having fun.

So, all you have to do is stand with your friends and loved ones on the pod and let the camera take a complete 360 trip around the platform from a high angle, thus capturing lasting memories for you. 

The 360 Orbit booth will even create a short and smooth social media-worthy video with music of your choice and custom graphics.

Why do you need the Orbit 360 photo booth rental?

When you want your event to be a blast, hiring 360 Orbit will surely be your best decision and will make you the star of the night. Whether you are planning your wedding, birthday or graduation party, or a corporate or social event, Sydney’s first-ever 360 Orbit booth will elevate your experience and bring your party to life.

Provides the most demanded features

Regarding what the spin pod 360 Orb offers, you are guaranteed to receive customised packages, the most advanced 360 high-angle photos and videos, unique designs and backdrops, and competent staff members for assistance.

Moreover, the setup of the Orbit 360 photo booth not only includes an iPad sharing station or HD camera for snapping good photos but also has studio lighting, exciting backdrops, themed props, custom overlays, and music of your choice, all of which adds to the aesthetic of your videos. Hence this type of photo booth best suits your event’s requirements, whether formal or intimate and that of the crowd.

Sets the vibe of your event

The remarkable design of spin pod 360 Orb will undoubtedly attract your guests and let them enjoy being themselves while posing, producing an overall lighter and relaxed vibe. 

The 360 Orbit photo booth will step up the game and show its magic by capturing you and your guests along with the atmosphere and essence of the event.

Brings innovation to photos

The Orbit’s encircling camera will not let a moment go by but record those standing at the pod as they let their personalities shine. 

Thus, the 360 orbit’s high angle brings an edge of creativity and innovation to your photos, unlike event photography, which typically involves posed shots without much appeal or context.

With guests standing up close together, the Orbit cam’s rotating arm will capture them in striking poses and being quirky within an instant under beaming lights.

The finished result is designed to impress whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Everything is lights, camera, and action from the moment you step foot on the Spin Pod.

Entertainment is twice the cost

As far as the 360 Orbit cost is concerned, 200$ – 500$ is reasonable, given that it provides you with commercial quality and instantly shareable videos and brings people together to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Also, the added lighting and graphic effects that the 360 Orbit features bring drama and finesse to your videos, making them social media-ready. Thus, it can prove to be a budget-friendly option that is packed with fun and enjoyment.

Promotions and Brand launches

Are you planning to promote your brand or product? Then you cannot overlook the premium quality result and the experience that 360 Orbit provides, so that must be part of your corporate event. Remember that parties, brand promotions, and launches go hand in hand, especially when a photo booth is involved.

Moreover, digital marketing has become a popular culture for all businesses and companies, whether new or old. So, regardless of whether your event is a conference, expo, brand or business launch, graduation, or even school formals, you can arrange a party for everyone to have an enjoyable time and include a Spin pod 360 orbit video booth in your league.

From on-screen graphics, photos, and videos to fully vinyl-wrapped photo booths, the Orbit 360 photo booth can be completely customised to display your branding. 

Hence, the videos produced by 360 Orbit’s technology and design are undoubtedly among the most refined glimpses of branded content one can find. So, it would not be an understatement to say that it is the ultimate solution for marketers seeking to meet their marketing objectives.

It can be a fun time filler

Lengthy event programs or even party activities can occasionally get monotonous, which causes the guests’ interest in the event to wane. 

In such a situation, the 360 Orbit video booth perfectly acts as a time filler with its sought-after features, lights, and music. While the host is occupied with other visitors, other guests can quickly kill time by striking poses and dancing to the beats in front of the 360 Orbit cam. 

Serves immediate souvenirs

Who is not eager to have instant access to their printed photos that they could keep and refer to for years? 

No one and so, the 360 Orbit photo booth enables your guests to immediately capture a slow-motion video, make GIFs, send photos immediately through SMS, email, airdrop, QR code, or social media apps, and get those photo prints in high-quality right at the moment. You can then gift these tangible memories to your guests as a perfect souvenir.


The Orbit 360 photo booth has arrived from the future with all the latest technology, providing you with an unforgettable experience for the very first time in Sydney, Australia. It comes with everything you require to elevate your event and inform the world about it.

Therefore, you must also move with the times, abandon the drab 4-image photo booth choice, and gain access to 360 videos and gifs, to capture the beauty and memories of every occasion.

The high-angle shots taken by a 360 HD camera, vibrant lights, customisable graphic overlays, and instantly sharable fine-quality videos are everything one could ask for in event cinematography. Thus, regardless of age, your guests are guaranteed a fun and memorable experience. 

So, do not sleep on the idea of 360 Orbit photo booth rental; share your joys and milestones of life through the 360 Orb to excite your guests, and you will have a successful celebration.