In Australia, as in other countries, weddings are considered incomplete without photoshoots. Therefore, you will never see a wedding here without some photoshoot. Most couples regard the photoshoot as an essential part of their wedding. People generally hire wedding photographers for their wedding photoshoots. 

Frankly speaking, nowadays the hiring cost of a professional photographer is far higher than you may assume in Australia. In this post, we’re gonna share some stats related to wedding photographer cost for some Australian locations; also, we’ll discuss how a photo booth can be a better alternative to a professional photographer in Australia. 

Generally, wedding photographers are hired for pre wedding photoshoot, wedding photoshoot, and wedding reception photoshoot. And the hiring cost of these workers varies from one photographer to another. There are many factors that influence this cost such as your city, amount of doable work, and experience of the photographer. We’ll first discuss wedding photographer costs in Sydney.    

Service Charge of Sydney’s Wedding Photographer:

As per 2024 stats, the average service cost of a wedding photographer is $3890 for a standard 6 hour package in Sydney. Yes, more than 60% of wedding photographers in Sydney charge between $2,800 and $4,600 for the basic six-hour package. 

Now let’s move on to discuss wedding photographer costs in other cities.

Service Cost of a Matrimonial Photographer in Canberra:

On the other hand, when we talk about Canberra’s wedding photography charges, you may expect to pay around 3000-4000 dollars to wedding photographers for your standard wedding photoshoot.

Photographer Wedding Cost in Newcastle:

As far as Newcastle is concerned, you may expect to pay a wedding photographer from $2,607 to $3129 for a six-hour photo shoot. This hiring cost range is lower than the first two service price ranges related to photographers, but obviously, paying thousands of dollars for a photo shoot might seem expensive to you. 

Hiring Cost of a Marriage Photographer in Central Coast:

For the Central Coast area, the service charges of wedding photographers are low. The wedding photographers of Central Coast charge around $1550 to $2650 for a 6-10 hour wedding photo session. 

Marriage Photographer Cost in Brisbane:

If you’re in Brisbane, you may expect to pay from $700 to $1000 for your 4-6 hour wedding photo session to a photographer. And this is the lowest service cost range related to photographers discussed in this blog piece. 

You’ve read about the hiring costs of Australian photographers, so if you have to try a different solution for your wedding photoshoot, keep on reading our content. 

We present such a solution for your wedding photography that is not only affordable but also effective, and that is the service of a photo booth.

But What Is a Photo Booth? & What Are the Aspects that You Should Consider When Hiring It?

A photo booth is a small room basically in which one person or a few people sit/stand for their photos, and a machine takes their pictures. This booth has gained popularity in Australia in recent years, and its trend is on the rise.

Now we’ll discuss what those aspects are that you have to pay attention to for hiring a standard photo booth. The aspects are:

Experience of the photo booth professionals:

What you should consider first is the team that you have to hire for your wedding event. You must ensure that the team that has to deal with the finishing of your pictures must be experienced enough to accomplish the work. They should be experienced enough to perform the work that you require.

Location of the photo booth:

You also have to make sure that the photo booth you want to hire for your wedding ceremony is available in your location. This will assist you reach them anytime easily when you require their service or have any questions.

Cost of the photo booth service:

And last but not the least, your photo booth company’s service cost must match your budget range. You should hire the company that’s not meant to cost you a fortune for their services, nor their services should be so low-cost that you may doubt their credibility or professional work for your special event. 

You might be thinking about how to find a reliable photo booth company for your wedding. Well, you may consider SpinPod 360 photo booth for your wedding photography. Yes, we have been serving our matrimonial customers with a video booth, including a photo booth, for many years in some areas of Australia. Therefore, you will not only get photos but also videos if you select us for your wedding photo session. Our locations are Sydney, NSW; Brisbane, Queensland; Canberra, ACT; Central Coast, NSW; and Newcastle, NSW. 

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Wondering How Do We Work for Our Wedding Clients?

Well, when a wedding customer places an order with us, our team transfers the digital setup to their place. Afterwards, we deliver our service at some premium location situated at the ceremony to have the maximum refined photos (videos if required) for our customer, their partner, and their guests. Our props, especially the platform that makes one spin or rotate with others, are bound to make the memories magical, everlasting, and enjoyable for everyone. If you want to contact us to make your special day even more special, email us at or call us at 0483 360 360. 


That’s all what we wanted to share with you about wedding photographer costs in Australia. We hope you got the info you came here for. If you have a question or have to inquire about anything related to our business, we’re just an email or call away from answering your query. Email or call us within our business hours and get your response shortly. Plus, if you really appreciate our efforts, please share our post with your loved ones so that they may also have an idea of a wedding photographer’s alternative for their matrimonial photo shoot.