Are you following the photo booth trend? If so, then why stay back and not bring creativity,  and vibrance to your photos? Having a photo booth is not enough when you have a boring backdrop with typical white sheets, ordinary lights and dull hanging materials. Follow this article to take a look at unique photo booth backdrops ideas to make your event stand out.

Everyone enjoys taking pictures in the era of social media. However, when it’s your big day or you have to host a significant corporate event, you can not simply rely on mobile phones or cameras for aesthetically capturing your moments. Photo booths are one of the many great ways to connect with friends and receive quick print-out memories as a perfect event souvenir whether it is your wedding, party, or corporate event.

They say we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone, so why not add innovation to your major events and capture the moments with unique and quirky photobooth backdrops?

It could be difficult to come up with fresh ideas, which is why we’re providing you with unique photo booth backdrops to make your event stand out. Keep on reading the article to adapt, modify or use these ideas as templates for your photo booth backdrop.

Here we are enlisting photo booth backdrop ideas for your special events including your wedding, parties, and in corporate events.

Wedding photo backdrops

The pictures are among the most treasured keepsakes from any wedding. Even after the big day has passed, the newlyweds will still want to look through their album, and guests will cherish the opportunity to reminisce on the joy they experienced.

It is crucial to provide opportunities for taking stunning, unforgettable photos if you want to make sure that everybody leaves with lots of memories to reflect on. These wedding photo backdrops are easy to manage but hard for guests to forget.

Fairy-tale backdrop with fairy lights

Why not consider a DIY and unique yet elegant backdrops for your wedding? Your finest ally in giving your photo booth a straightforward yet fashionable touch is a string of fairy lights.

For this photo booth backdrop, you will have to set up sheer curtains on a square stand and drape fairy lights across them to create a light curtain. Go for white or pink draperies for weddings, and match them with classic floral accents. You can also decorate it with garlands and candles for added fairy-tale effect.

A human-sized polaroid

Another similar yet interesting idea is to add a human-sized polaroid as your photo booth backdrop. If your wedding venue is outdoors, then the idea of a life-sized polaroid sounds appealing and unique. To create this photo booth backdrop all you have to do is to make a floral arch and paste it on an oversized hanging frame. Adding further blooms and flowers will also accentuate the natural landscape.

Flower wall

We all know that wedding events and flowers go hand-in-hand. Thus, a flower wall is a perfect way to give your event that elusive wow factor. Similar to other floral arrangements, flower walls can be completely customised to match your preferred colour scheme, flower selection, or style.

You can go either with long stems or create individual garlands with chicken wire structures of flowers. Complete the look by attaching them to the photo booth backdrop with wire or staples.

Party photo booth backdrops

Throwing a party is always a fun idea and once you have hired a photo booth then adding an inventive  photo booth backdrop will be a cherry on top.

DIY paper garland

Whether you are throwing a birthday party or just arranging a fun get-together event, your first thought would be to add balloons but why not add some uniqueness to the whole idea of balloons?

A similar yet innovative decorative idea would be to hang crepe paper circle garlands and make a curtain out of them. You can also create funky patterns according to your liking or achieve an ombre effect.

Red carpet theme

Why not be a little extra dramatic by adding a red carpet-themed backdrop to your photo booth? After all, it is your party. Using a red carpet can make your guests feel like celebrities. They can walk down the carpet just like a movie star would do at the Grammys.

For giving your photo booth the appearance of a real red carpet walk you can lay a real-life red carpet along with some velvet queue poles and some added lights would just add to the charm.

Standing chalkboard backdrop

A chic and creative yet reasonably priced option to give your party a personal touch is to add a blackboard to your photo booth backdrop. If you have artistic talent, you can do the illustrations yourself; if not, you can even seek the assistance of your friends or an event planner.

With a bit of added creativity, this can be one unique backdrop for your guests to pose with and remember.

Corporate photo booth backdrop

Photo booths at corporate events may prove to be very beneficial as far as your brand activation, collaboration with attendees, and exposure to your brand are concerned. Thus, when organising a company event, it is essential to find a photo booth backdrop that will delight both new and old customers with an unforgettable experience.

Here are some unique corporate photo booth backdrops to make your event stand out and are certain to be well-liked.

Green screen photo booth backdrop

A useful and innovative way for a business is to capture and display photos with the use of a green screen as a backdrop. You can take photographs against any backdrop you can think of with a green screen.

This is a brilliant concept for an event that intends on pushing the boundaries and is aspirational. Thus, you can get creative and use green screen technology to take your guests to another world.

Neon Signs

A neon sign is an ideal prop to give your photo booth an artsy, modern touch. They can be manufactured to order, for example, for the introduction of your product. Not to forget, it’s a striking strategy to draw more people to your photo booth.

Hence you would not regret choosing a neon sign backdrop because it boosts photos and improves the overall aesthetic of the event backdrop.

Pamphlet/ Magazine photo booth

One of the ways to advertise and bring exposure to your business at your corporate event is to prepare a life-sized photo booth backdrop that appears as a cover of your preferred magazine or pamphlet.

You can put your company’s logo on the glass panel and then ask your guests to model for a magazine cover. Thus, this perspective-based background will attract a great deal of attention at your event.

Tips to find a unique photo booth backdrop

Backdrops are an important factor in any photo booth experience. Therefore, we have provided you with options to choose from for your upcoming event to stand out.

However, if you are still unsure about what to look for in a backdrop according to your event, then here are a few tips to keep in mind for your photo booth to be a success.

  • Choose a location for your “booth” to be set up first, where people can move around comfortably but that is also out of the way so that they can act goofy.
  • Focus on the material of the backdrop and watch out for any reflective materials, since they may result in areas that appear as white spots due to extreme brightness.
  • One of the appropriate materials to pick for your photo booth backdrop is tension fabric. It is not reflective and does not produce hotspots. Any design may be printed on it, and it has a professional appearance that makes it suitable for any occasion.
  • Lighting is important; so make sure that you set optimal lighting to complement your backdrop.
  • Be mindful of your dress code. For instance, get a photo booth background that can match your event’s proper attire. If it is a formal background but your photo booth backdrop has a quirky design, it will stand out.
  • Keep your venue in mind. If you are opting for a non-traditional venue like an outdoor garden or museum then picking manageable and portable designs will allow your photo booth to be more practical.


Photo booths play a vital role in capturing your enjoyable moments and making your event an unforgettable one. They are popular at every event, from wedding receptions to birthday celebrations to baby showers. So, along with the venue, catering, and event decor, photobooth backdrops are equally significant.

There are countless ways to design a striking and unique backdrop whether it is for your wedding, birthday as well as celebration party, or major corporate event. Utilise the space to your advantage or create a backdrop from scratch. The ultimate goal is to actively involve your guests as much as possible and make it a memorable experience for them.