The social media age has made taking photos a daily occurrence. Weddings and birthday parties are the most common venues for photo booths. People wait in long lines for photos at a photo booth during an event. The popularity of photo booths at social events is growing. People love photo booths so much that they are frequent features of weddings and big events today. When guests play with props in photo booths, they usually laugh because they are silly such as wigs, masks, and signs. Photo booth technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, giving customers more options. 360 photo booths are the latest innovation in photo booths. There is a good chance that most people have never used a 360 photo booth, no matter how many times they’ve used photo booths. Is a 360-degree photo booth different from a traditional photo booth? Let’s have a look!

Traditional Photo Booth

There is a traditional enclosed photo booth that is approximately 5 feet tall and has a capacity for between 1 and 10 guests. But why should you have it? Let’s see!

Getting a Feel

In a traditional photo booth, you can pose with your friends for fun pictures. There is no way for you to know how the poses will look until you receive the files or print out the pictures.

Let’s take pictures

The customer usually takes home their photos on a USB drive after the photo booth session with a traditional photo booth. These images are high-definition, and customers can use them however they like.

The Look

While traditional photo booths lack the elegance of an elegant photo booth, they do have an attractive appearance.
Companies constantly develop photo booths that are suitable for every occasion as the technology of photo booths evolves. You can trust Spinpod 360 to provide you with the right kind of photo booth for your next event.

360 Photo Booth

Setup and portability

A revolutionary design allows 360 photo booths to be portable, lightweight, and easily transportable to a client’s location. Also, it is extremely easy to install at the venue and will only take a few minutes for your staff.

Promotes events

When people are able to see collections of previous work, they are more likely to trust your brand. Because of fears of failure to deliver quality service, friends and clients would not recommend cameramen to new clients. You gain more trust from your clients as a businessman and professional with a photo booth. As a result, your brand becomes more credible. With 360 photo booths, you are able to take your brand to a whole new level.


Your brand’s reputation is determined by the type of contracts you get based on the impression customers have of your service delivery. Your clients will refer you for more deals if you invest more time into productive outputs. By investing in this type of photo booth, you will be able to provide your clients with better service.
After an enjoyable experience with you, your guests and customers will be happy to refer you to their friends and family members. The high-end deals are sometimes brought in by one satisfied customer. Creating memories through photos and videos is the highlight of any event.

The Rising Popularity Of The 360 Photo Booth

Having a 360 photo booth is popular right away, which is one of the most compelling reasons to have one! Among our top requested experiences since in-person events returned, it’s no surprise!

It is debated what made 360 videos popular. Maybe it was Neo’s time-stopping and spinning around the video in the Matrix scene that started it off. A circular subject was surrounded by dozens of high-end cameras to achieve this effect. Frame-by-frame, the frames were stitched together from each camera to produce the final image.

The next decade saw the emergence of concepts. A rotating mechanical arm and a high-definition camera were attached to a rotating mechanical arm instead of multiple high-end DSLR cameras, which created an instant hit.

Almost every type of music video has been done with it, including premieres, red-carpet galas, and even commercials! We’ve been experiencing one of the most requests since we came back to in-person events with our 360° Photo Booth.

Traditional Photo Booth Vs 360 Photo Booth

A traditional photo booth is suitable for events in an enclosed space, when you want to have an enclosure and when to have your photos set up in a landscape format, a traditional photobooth is the right choice. Green screen pictures can also be taken with it.

It is recommended to have at least three meters by three meters of space for any event where you want to maximize the fun factor. You can upload slow motion videos to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat immediately after taking them with these booths. With these booths, the Oscars and Grammys have been very popular! The customer experience is also improved with a 360-degree photo booth.

Hire a Spinpod 360 Professional Booth

A professional photo booth company can provide you with an exceptional photo booth experience. Select the right company carefully by searching online. The best quality products can be found on Spinpod 360. Their photo booths come in a variety of styles. With their photo booths, you will be able to create unforgettable memories of the event with ease of use, easy setup, and full of features.