Introducing the Amazing SpinPod 360 ORB

Be one of the first in the world to have the SpinPod ORB at your next event. The SpinPod ORB is the only 360 ORB outside the USA and SpinPod 360 have it for hire in Australia

SpinPod 360 ORB setup

SpinPod ORB

Supports Large Groups

Platform Spinners Can Only Fit 2-5 Guests Using A Raised Platform. With the SpinPod ORB you can Fit 6-8 Guests. You Now Have The Freedom To Dance, Jump Or Even Sit On Furniture!

Massive Circular Stage

Instead Of standing on a Platform where guests can Fall Off, The SpinPod 360 ORB keeps your guests safely on the ground where they can move and dance as much as they wish.

High-Lumens 360 LED Lighting

The SpinPod ORB Comes With 6 LED lights that are attached firmly to the structure.

Wheel Chair Accessible

The SpinPod Orb massive, Flat Circular Stage Is Accessible For People In Wheelchairs, Baby Strollers And Even Owners Of Large Pets

Camera Stability

Since the camera is completely isolated from the platform, your guests can jump and dance without causing any stability issues to the camera. The SpinPod ORB ensures a still clear ultimate 360 video 100% of the time.