Are you planning to throw a blast party or host an event? You may have gotten your hands on drinks, appetisers, décor and hired a photo booth, but what’s a party without songs? Read this article to choose the best songs for a 360 photo booth and your dance floor.

360 Photo Booths are unquestionably popular right now. Hiring a 360 Booth is the ideal choice for any event that you are having, whether you want to throw a killer party, add a special touch to your wedding, or produce some excellent promotional videos for your business.

However, the choice of background music is the most identifiable way to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests. You cannot deny how songs can kick-start your event and set the tone for your photo booth videos. So, with the right music, you can bring your videos to life and turn them into something much more exciting. 

Regardless of how your event preparation is, the mere presence of a 360 photo booth is enough to excite your guests and audience. A spin pod 360 lets you capture your special moments with a life-like result. All you have to do is to either strike a pose or show your signature dance moves, and it will capture, edit and process them into Instagram-worthy videos. However, to get in the right mood to do all that, there has to be a musical overlay for you and your videos to enhance the final result further.  

So, to save your event and photo booth from a dull and robotic vibe, we have made a list of songs for your event. Here are a few well-known and trendy songs that will impress any audience.

Viral and trendy songs for 360 photo booths

Within a few notes of any of these songs, a joyful energy will pulsate through your photobooth, whether for a wedding celebration, birthday party, bridal or baby shower or just a get-together with friends and family. You can be guaranteed that even weeks and months after the celebration, people will still talk about the fantastic experience.

Sho – Vikara 

This rhythm gives off ancient vibes, yet it will make your body pulsate behind the beat and hike up your adrenaline levels to get you in the feels.  

Cupid – Fifty Fifty 

This song is by a K-pop group and has both English and Korean versions, perfect for cute lip-syncs on the 360 Spin pod.

Beat Automotive (So So So Viral) – WZ Beat 

It is an instrumental beat with a hard bass that will get your guests all hyped and goofy to strike moves for the 360 photo booth.

Mon Love Oho – Liamsi

This song is hip-hop/rap that will immediately give off gangster vibes, and your guests can show off their outfits for the event on social media with this sound as background to 360 photo booth-produced slow-motion videos.

Cupid (Twin Version) – Fifty Fifty 

This version is another super hit song by the same K-pop group. Because of its catchy beat, smooth vocals, and infectious melody, your guests will immediately vibe with the song.

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake 

Even the grumpiest guest would find it difficult to resist dancing and posing to this song because it is so vibrant.

Believe – Cher

This song is an excellent tune for dancing and a karaoke favourite. Thus, a group of friends would not mind hopping on the spin pod to enjoy this one while being recorded.

Mr Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

This one is for adults, teenagers, and even children. A timeless crowd-pleaser for all ages.

Shake It Off – by Taylor Swift 

This song is a well-known hit and a hard one to not dance to as soon as it is played.

Calm Down – Rema & Selena Gomez 

It is an afrobeat with all the sassiness required to pose in front of the spin pod camera and have the best time.

Wedding songs for 360 photo booths

When planning weddings, it can be challenging sometimes, and you need help doing everything. So, if you are looking for perfect songs for your photo booth, here is a list of some of the most requested songs.

I Want to Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston 

When it comes to wedding photobooth songs, this Houston hit is necessary to every wedding soundtrack.

I believe in love – The Darkness

Playing this cute yet funny song at the photo booth may be a great way to declare your love for one another without being too serious.

Cake by the Ocean – DNCE 

In this day and age, it would be difficult to find a wedding playlist without this song.

Marry You – Bruno Mars 

It is a pop, doo-wop, and soul song frequently used as a proposal song, thus a good choice for even bridal shower photos and videos.

The Way You Look Tonight –Frank Sinatra

This is a terrific song for any moment of the night and an excellent way for a lovey-dovey couple to dedicate it to each other.

Party songs for 360 photo booths

There is nothing better than some good music to get the party going. Some songs will keep everyone dancing all night long, and the same energy will vibrate through their photo booth shots.

Like a Prayer – Madonna

One of the songs that can immediately uplift the mood and vibe of the guests with its electronic guitar and drum beats is this one.

Thank you, next – Ariana Grande

This is like an anthem song for all the singles out there in your group and would fit them perfectly when they are in the photo booth posing.

I’m Good (Blue) – David Guetta, Bebe Rexha 

It is an emotional club hit since it combines Rexha’s sentimental vocals with piano chords and has a thrilling dancefloor energy.

Unholy – Sam Smith

The pop beat and opening choir will surely make the guests dance and follow every beat.

Flowers – Miley Cyrus

It is another pop song with disco and funk influences, and with its self-empowering lyrics, it will be perfect as a photo booth song to boost the confidence of your pals.


For your 360 photobooth songs playlist, you do not have to go by the book. You need to make a playlist of these songs and add crowd favourites. Please ensure they go with the event’s vibe, and then time the cuts and movements to the track’s beat according to your guests’ dance moves.