Photo Booths are now the most trending equipment for any event. You will be able to please all your guests with a photo booth. Spinpod customises photo booths to ensure that specific event themes can be reflected in the photos and ambience. Guests can enjoy a nostalgic experience in our photo booths. A Photo booth video can grab the attention of the audience. However, good things possess risks as well. If you are hiring a photo booth in Sydney or have one at home, you must keep in mind some safety guidelines to avoid mishaps. Below are some safety guidelines for 360 photo booths that you must consider before hopping on the photo booth platform.

Do Not Move Too Much

Safety guidelines for 360 photo booths are necessary. You might want to capture yourself dancing in the photo booth, but it could be dangerous. As the camera attached to the rod keeps on rotating, continuous movement may cause loss of balance leading to some severe injuries. No one wants to get injured amidst an enjoyable event. Thus, maintaining your balance is always advised and ensuring you don’t trip over it. Some severe injuries may include nose, head, or back injuries. It is best to know the safety measurements before hopping on the photo booth. Note: We at SpinPod 360 emphasise the importance of safety, and our organisers will ensure that no incident takes place during your memorable event. Our Spin pod is designed in such a way that there is literally no chance of any mishap. This is one of the reasons why customers trust us for their special events.


Amidst COVID, nothing seems safe so far. Thus, it is essential to keep your hands sanitised. Ask the staff to use the same safety protocol so that no one can get affected by any illness. In addition, you can also use gloves to stay safe and dispose of them when you are done with your videos. However, prefer the hired staff to do the operating job for you because the less the touch, the fewer the chances of spreading germs.

Do Not Use Too Many Props

Do you want to use too many props in your photos? I recommend not doing that. But why? This is because the photobooth platforms are not that wide, and thus they can cause accidents. You might trip over a prop or hit someone due to less space. Too many props will create an overly embellished photograph or video, and no one likes something overdone. Thus, make sure to use as few props as you can. Use fewer props with creativity and create the best photo booth video.

Read Instructions

You should always maintain alertness when attending events; understandably, everybody enjoys having fun during this time. There is often a lot of movement happening, and sometimes even alcohol is involved; at this time, it is essential to prevent intoxicated people from using the 360 photo booth, as they could harm themselves and damage it. You will have some people try to step off the 360 photo booth while it is still moving, so please be clear about when people should step on or off. It would help if you made sure kids know when to step onto a 360 photo booth whenever you are operating around them.

Caster Wheels

Next on the safety guidelines for 360 photo booths is to unlock the wheels. As the 360 photo booth carry case flight wears off over time, the caster wheels will lose their grip, causing the case to become dangerous. In addition, the caster wheels have a lock and unlock option that allows them to be locked or unlocked to constrain movements. When moving the wheels, make sure to unlock them first. If you don’t consider it unlocking, it may cause you to fall and injure yourself. Lowes or Home Depot has the parts you need to replace the caster wheels if necessary.


Creating a checklist is now the next step. Because of the many complex parts involved in the 360 Photo Booth, creating a list will enable you to remember everything you need to bring to your event. It is recommended that you create three checklists; the first one can contain general safety guidelines for your team, and the second checklist can focus on items you need to bring to an event. The third checklist can be a reminder to make sure none of your equipment is left behind after the event is done. It will lead to the peaceful execution of the event.


Even though rules aren’t fun, they are here to keep us safe. Your guests, planners, vendors, and venues should encourage the guidelines regarding events, such as sanitiser, social distancing, and other COVID protocols. Thus, it would help if you kept in mind all the safety guidelines for the photo booths.