Hire Photo Booth in Sydney

SpinPod 360

Will you be hosting one of the most anticipated parties of the season? Have you thought about providing the ultimate photo booth experience to your guests at your wedding? Looking to hire an exceptional photo booth? Finding it hard to get a photo booth hire Sydney? Don’t worry! We have your back! By we, we mean Spinpod 360; the best place for Photo booth hire Sydney.
All of our photo booth hire packages for printing booths print a copy of each strip for each person in the photo, unlike standard photo booth packages that only print two copies per strip. You’ll provide great memories for your guests and keep them entertained at the same time.

Self-Standing Photo Booths

Nothing else is required except for a wall outlet. Organising an event is enough to handle, so we handle everything related to the setup and running. With our stand-alone photo booths, you can have hours of entertainment for your guests anywhere within the Sydney metropolitan area.
An attendant will assist you and monitor your photo booth. Whether you need a photo booth for bridesmaids and groomsmen, corporate team awards, or sports banquets, we have photo booth hire in Sydney with capacities of up to 15 people. For photo strips, we can also provide custom backdrops and branding to ensure people never forget your event.
You can choose a photo booth based on your event type, contact us or book your photobooth online after looking through our range.


  • Brand activations that engage customers
  • Capturing and generating leads with marketing solutions
  • Photography for events
  • Designing and creating custom displays
  • Creating an unforgettable day for you
  • 360 Video captures slow-motion videos from all angles using a camera.

Paramount Experience

Do you want to create a unique experience for your friends, family, and guests? Can you create something unique to your style that no one has seen before? You can do just that with our photo booth for hire Sydney. Make your guests’ experience one they will never forget by choosing from our massive selection of backdrops. You’re sure to find one you can’t resist when it comes to selecting your favourite!
We have created an incredible range that is certainly not for guests. From the moment you see them arrive at your venue, you will be dazzled by our wide range of boutique custom designs.

Hire Photo booth Sydney

We know exactly what’s needed to make your party a success, whether it’s an important party or just a simple photo booth. Whether you’re planning a graduation ball or a wedding, SpinPod has you covered. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service when planning your special event. You can count on us to create the most memorable party your guests will attend this year – whether you’re looking for a Sydney photo booth rental experience or the perfect venue. They won’t stop talking about it for months afterwards.
In addition to offering phenomenal photo booth experiences, SpinPod is also one of Sydney’s leading photo booth providers. Photo booth rental Sydney is one of our expertise areas. If you want to enhance your event, contact Sydney’s leading photo booth rental company today!

SpinPod Photo Booth- A Mandatory Equipment

The power of a picture lies in its simplicity, doesn’t it? The mere sight of old photographs makes you remember things that are long gone. Your face lights up with a bright smile as you recall the tiniest details. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could capture such memories from every significant event in your life?
That’s why we’re here because we know you do. SpinPod can help you create amazing photographs that will preserve the most beautiful moments at your next event with photo booth hire Sydney services. Sydney does not stand out from the rest of the world in its growing popularity of photo booths – and it is not only because they provide a multitude of benefits.

It’s fun for everyone, regardless of their age! Photo booth rentals are always a big hit, no matter how many people attend your event! Children, teenagers, and elderly individuals alike enjoy using this little gadget because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Personalised party favours are provided to everyone!
After guests get their photos, mingling begins. In this situation, a Sydney photo booth rental is a great idea to create a more relaxed atmosphere at a gathering where people are not that close. You can ease tensions by using photos to start a discussion.
Your party’s theme can be tied together with the photo booth! Any event can benefit from a photobooth hire Sydney- whether it’s an elegant party, a flower garden, or just one dominant colour in your decorations.

Why Choose SpinPod 360?

Your childhood photo booths are nothing like today’s spacious, modern booths. Various options exist for photo booth hire Sydney for your event. Couples who want to capture spontaneous and unique moments can now choose from more than one- or two-person cabins. SpinPod’s photo booth allows several people to make silly faces and stand in funny poses together. Furthermore, there will be no queues at a photo booth, which will make the activity much more enjoyable.
The photo booths we offer in Sydney won’t be an eyesore, because we offer different styles. Your party’s theme will be perfectly matched to your photo booth design thanks to our wide selection of options. With The SpinPod, you can pick from Flower Wall Photo Booths, Video Booths, and Interactive Cameras.
We are proud to offer photo booths that create excellent quality photographs. Despite the fun and elegance of the event, you still want to leave with beautiful photos that you will cherish forever.