Are you looking for a 360 photo booth for weddings ? Don’t know how to choose the right one? When you think of a wedding, what comes to your mind? Of course, an aisle, confetti, a loving husband, a wedding dress and a photographer. A wedding is the most memorable event of a person’s life. Therefore, it must be celebrated with pure happiness. You might want to capture all those beautiful moments, but at the same time, you want to engage your guests so they can also remember the day. Have you ever thought of 360 wedding photo booth hire? In this article, we have brought a guide for you when you are looking to hire a 360 photo booth.

Why do you need a 360 photo booth for wedding?

With the 360 wedding photo booth, you can create amazing video content. 360-degree videos are captured with the touch of a button by an arm of a high-end camera rotating around stationary users. Audio and transition effects are included, as well as keyframing, overlays, intros, outros, and audio. The content that guests can share takes a matter of seconds. It’s completely automated. There is no need for editors on-site or post-event production techniques. It is all done in real time. Video bursts of six seconds or less can be used to view user-generated content quickly. It can be used to edit a large amount of content and quickly convert it into social media-friendly content. Overlays, intros, and animations are all available. 360 photo booths can be used in many ways, including corporate events, brand activations, weddings, and fashion shows! It is easy to set up and use.

What to look for?

A 360 wedding photo booth is crucial if you want a compelling wedding. Following are some important considerations when choosing a 360 wedding photo booth.

Reviews of the company

It is advisable to check out the company’s reviews and experience to ensure they have handled events in the past. You can find reviews about a company on Google by searching for it. If your venue has previously worked with companies, ask them for recommendations. An online and robust social media presence is preferable when working with a company. Make sure you compare at least two companies before deciding to make sure you’re getting the best deal with the best wedding photo booth.

Open-air or closed photo booth

Closed and open-air photos are two broad categories. Finding a vendor who offers the type of booth you need is the first step to photo booth perfection. Traditionally, closed booths have been box-styled, containing all elements within an enclosed space. A booth with an open-air backdrop comprises freestanding components like a camera, printer, and background. The footprint of a closed photo booth for weddings is smaller and more private; A booth that is open to the elements offers versatility.

Services they provide

Quality booths are available for hire in a wide variety. It’s not the same with all photo booths. The quality of the camera and printer in some booths is poor, so you must be cautious when choosing one. Besides interactive touchscreens and video messaging, some photo booths have wind machines to make glam shots even more exciting. A 360 wedding photo booth must have some exceptional services if you want to have a catch at your event.


When you receive a total price for a certain number of hours, ensure there are no hidden costs, such as printing or travel. In most cases, companies will offer a minimum price and time. For 3 or 4 hours, you should expect to pay around £300-400, including printing, props, and guest books. It is fair to include travel fees.

Type of images

Photo booths have evolved over the years from being just a place to take pictures to becoming much more. Depending on your choice, it is possible to customize the background, the GIF, the Boomerang, the video, and the slo-mo booth video. The quality of a booth can be determined by its previous work. If you want your festival to have this booth, you should ask for examples.

Ask for Previous Work

If you plan to hire a photo booth company, check their website and social media for images. Obtain a sample of prints and a digital file to ensure you are happy. You can even request a selection of images to be sent to you. Companies should be proud to showcase their work, and a photo booth company should be no different.

Wedding Photo Booth Design Ideas

There are numerous ways to choose your wedding theme. You can select any wedding photo booth design ideas from the following list.

Outdoor wedding

Is an outdoor wedding something you would like to have? When the weather permits, you should consider placing your photo booth outside. There is something special about this tropical photo booth, especially the backdrop. To encourage more relaxed shots, the photo booth backdrop includes a sofa.

Garden Wedding

A wooden swing like this will be an excellent addition if you plan to have a country garden wedding. It would be nice to provide guests with props for a photo booth and to use it as a backdrop for the photos.

Winter Wedding

The photo booth at a winter wedding must reflect the style of the event. The rustic look of this photo booth would enhance winter celebrations. Ivory pillar candles and artificial ivy would beautifully complement a replica of this installation.

Tropical Wedding

Bright and colourful photo booths are perfect for a tropical-themed wedding day. Try a tropical photo booth if you plan a tropical wedding.

Carnation Wedding

In your wedding bouquet, did you include carnations? This otherwise simple photo booth becomes something special with pink and orange carnations.

Floral Wedding

Creating this backdrop would not be difficult at all. A wooden panel painted any colour is all you need, along with artificial flower garlands!

Modern Wedding

You can choose from various wedding themes in this modern wedding photo booth. Flowers arranged with white roses complement the laser-cut lettering beautifully.

360 wedding photo booth in Sydney

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Bottom Line

360 wedding photo booths make excellent gifts for your guests without tremendous work on your end. Don’t spend days creating gift boxes or filling organza bags with sweet treats; book a photo booth! Photo booths make weddings and parties more fun for guests! You can rent a photo booth for a low price while still getting high-quality photos!