Whether you’re planning a birthday photo booth for your child, or a special event to collect lots of photos for your favourite social media account (or both), you’ve got a lot to keep in mind. It’s a critical moment that deserves a little extra effort and attention.

It’s Easter, and that means all things, kids! Photo booths are the perfect way to have fun with family and friends while making a great impression on your clients.

Hundreds of different photo booths exist today, but we’ve rounded up our favourites to bring you a list of good ones you should take advantage of this holiday season.

That’s where our top 10 photo booth Easter event ideas for 2024 come in. These ideas may only work for some, but we can guarantee that each idea will have something fun and memorable.

How Can Photo Booths Enhance Fun Or Can Make Easter Events Special?

Easter is a time of year that is full of tradition and family. The holiday is filled with egg hunts, bunny races, and delicious treats. But for some people, Easter can also be a little bit overwhelming. Finding ways to keep the festivities and make them memorable for everyone involved can be difficult. Photo booths are one way to do that by adding fun to any event. The photo booth for Easter party is not just for children anymore! Photo booths can be used by adults too! This can make Easter even more magical because it allows everyone to have fun together. Photo booths provide memories that will last forever and make anyone smile when they reflect on their photos over the years. You will want to make sure you have plenty of props so everyone who comes in can participate in this activity too!

Top 10 Photo Booth Easter Event Ideas 2024

Here we will give you many ideas for the Easter party photo booth. These top 10 Photo booth for Easter event ideas are fantastic to apply and make your Easter party stand out.

Happy Easter Photo Booth Props

This is a fantastic idea for a photo booth for Easter party. Photo booths are a great way to add fun and excitement to your event. You can choose from an array of props like eggs, bunnies and chicks that will add colour and fun to your event. You can also have photo booth props like sunglasses, hats or even masks to make your guests feel special. There are many photo booth props, so you must choose wisely.

Easter Photo Booth Props Kit

This Photo booth for the Easter party is a great way to make your photo booth-themed party fun and exciting. It includes everything you need to set up your photo booth, including props and background papers. This package includes the following:
  • Ten rolls of white cardboard paper (8×10 ft).
  • Eight foam board pieces with handles for easy carrying around the venue.
  • Two packages of easter eggs in actual colours.
  • Big Dot of Happiness – Photo Booth Hippity Hoppity
The Big Dot of Happiness is the perfect photo booth for your Easter event. It’s a fun way to bring some colour and happiness to your event. The dot is made from fabric, so it’s easy to set up and take down. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and if you are hosting an outdoor event, you can also use it outside. It also comes with a backdrop, so you can use one of our many options in stock or design your one! And remember that it has a USB cord to print out your photos immediately!

Inflatable Easter Photo Booth Bunny

In this photo booth for Easter party, you will go with a bunny theme. Bunny ears. Bunny tail. Bunny feet, snout and nose. You’ll need these to make your own inflatable Easter photo booth bunny! You can find these items at most discount stores or party supply shops. Check out what they have in stock before making a trip out of town for supplies if you still need to live near enough to hit up one place specifically for this project (which is worth it).

Bunny Ears Photo Booth

This photo booth is a great idea for Easter, and it’s perfect for any party or event! This photo booth features a cute bunny face with bunny ears and a bow tie. The backdrop is an adorable white background with pastel colours. It’s the perfect way to get your guests in the mood for springtime!

Bunny Onesies Photo Booth

The Bunny Onesies Photo Booth is the perfect photo booth for Easter events. It’s a classic, but with a twist: you can get all your guests dressed up in their favourite bunny costumes! This is especially great for younger children who might not be able to attend an adult-only event like this one. The Bunny Onesie Photo Booth comes with an adorable dress with ears, feet and tail attached! You can use our included props or create something unique on your own! We also have backgrounds available if you want something different than just the white wall behind your guests.

Inflatable Easter Photo Booth Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a popular theme, and it’s easy to see why: it’s fun, adorable and memorable. Your guests will have fun mating with the bunny at your photo booth. The bunny can be used as a prop in other ways, too—for example, you could use him as part of an egg hunt or pass out treats while he dances around your party room!

Easter Bunny Decor

You can’t have an Easter Bunny Decor without a little bunny. The kids will love it! Here are some ideas for decorating:
  • A basket of eggs in your home or on the lawn (with a few extra ones from the grocery store)
  • A cute little bunny made out of paper mache and paint that you can put up on your porch or front porch (you’ll probably want to do this outside, so no one gets hurt).
  • Boho Easter Photo Booth Props
Easter is a time for family and friends to gather, so why not have a photo booth at your Easter party? You can create a photo booth that is fun and friendly, with props that are inspired by boho chic. This year, we’re going with our favourite things from this list: flowers, feathers and chandeliers! If you want something more traditional than those ideas above (and maybe less expensive), look no further than these beautiful floral pieces from our friends over at The Flower Company! They’ll have everything you need—from vases to bouquets—to make any photo booth EPIC!

Easter Premade Photo Booth Template

Easter is a particular time of year. It’s a time to celebrate the resurrection and an excellent opportunity to get together with family and friends. If you’re looking for fun things to do on Easter, consider using a photo booth for Easter party as your centrepiece. This template includes all the necessary elements: an easel for displaying your photo strips, props like candy baskets or baskets full of eggs (or both), and our free printable templates so guests can create their custom shots before posing in front of the camera themselves.


There are many Photo booth for Easter party options to consider when planning a photo booth. It is essential, however, to keep in mind the age and type of people who will be using the photo booth.

Skills that may work best include: moving and throwing objects, use of props and background, and performance. Most venues have their own rules on items that are not allowed inside.

Nothing says “Happy Easter!” like a professional Easter party photo booth in Sydney that takes excellent photos and makes you look like a star.

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