Like Never Before

Entertainment for your guests and yourself would be to have a 360 photo booth in Newcastle at your event. There is no other booth like ours in this market, we produce high-quality videos of every guest, and it is a world apart from everything else. We begin to capture you in the 360-degree video the moment you step onto our booth! Throw some confetti and get into slow motion for a wonderful celebration. To create the perfect video for your guests to share on social media, the 360 videos are effortlessly captured in 360 video Booth Newcastle by our on-site production. Your guests will be able to share the video on social media with their friends and the world. Thanks to the event technologies!

Spin, spin, spin!

By Photo Booth Hire Newcastle, guests are photographed from every angle. With our fully branded 360 photo booth in Newcastle experience, your brand will be at the centre of attention. With a branded platform, you can incorporate your company identity into your events photo experience.

Let’s go beyond!

Create a 360 photo booth in Newcastle for your event to give guests something they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Our newest service, Beyond our spin pod services, guarantees an experience beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

360 booths combine a stunning 360-degree slow-motion video with branded overlays and animations. It makes bespoke content to showcase your product, people, and style. Selfies will love it because it’s quite interactive.

Our Aim

At Spinpod Australia, we strive to be the leading provider in Australia’s Event Technologies and Entertainment Industry through market-leading technologies and cutting-edge styles. Different photography booths like GIF Booths, Instagram Printers, Mosaic Photo Walls, Magnet Photo Makers, Slow Motion 360°, and Flip Books – we make them beautiful, intelligent, and user-friendly.

why you need a 360 photo booth

Shareable Content

This photography booth is something you have never seen before. For the selfie generation, this is the perfect engagement piece. So get ready to have a blast.

Event photographers can now capture 360 video Booth Newcastle footage of your attendees with a 360 event technologies. You will further market your brand online with customized overlays, animations, bumpers and more for each video.

You will also have a rotating camera on the platform for them to pose in front of. The video created is delivered via text or email to the client in seconds, ready to be shared on social media in a matter of seconds.

Latest Innovation

Whether it is a corporate event or a social event, the 360 photo booth in Newcastle is the perfect accessory. No matter what the event entails, it will become the talk of the town.

It’s a challenge for marketers or corporate event planners to create experiences and content your target market can’t replicate.

We can outstandingly accomplish this through our 360 Picture Booth by creating a short, sharable video that imparts your brand’s message instantly.

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360’s duty is to capture your guests’ and professional staff’s experiences in stunning 360 videos. We can help you provide a unique and personalized takeaway for your clients using our immersive video booth to share on social media or enjoy at home. You will be able to capture every detail of your event with our 360-degree video booth. 360 Picture Booth allows users to embed custom branding and sound effects within a video while compressing and uploading videos to a sharing station. 360 slow-motion video booths are in a league of their own for processing power, with some of the fastest you will ever see!