360 video booths, across the globe in general and in Australia in particular, have come into view as a powerful and innovative tool that has become successful in capturing memorable moments and experiences. Furthermore, their usage is increasing day by day. Now, they are not only used for marketing and business events but also for celebrating birthday parties, farewells and welcome parties. Moreover, they are now playing a crucial role in making wedding ceremonies, anniversary celebrations memorable. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how the customers can use 360 video booths in unique and innovative ways across various locations in Australia.

What Basically A 360 Video Booth Is?

A 360 video booth is basically a platform that is setup to capture the  videos and photos from 360 degree angle; from all the angles to cover each and everything that the customers want. They do this by moving multiple special video cameras in circular motion that move around the people. Participants stand on the platform in the centre or within the particular  designated area and the video makers direct them to make several poses to produce lively, zestful and innovative video content. The resulting videos can be viewed in different ways including virtual headsets, social media sites, so that you can keep your beautiful memories with you and also share them with your loved ones. 

How To Use 360 Booths In An Effective Way?

Using a 360 booth in a unique way is an art and it leads to your unique and memorable video and photo shots. Following steps can be employed to make your content memorable.

Think About Your Shots Before

Think how you will pose when a video camera comes in front of you. It means you have to plan your shots before so that you already know how you will pose without wasting any time. In this way, the more powerful shots you give, the more unique and effective results you will receive. 

Use Proper Backgrounds

Use proper and beautiful and vibrant backdrops or backgrounds that you want a 360 degree video booth to capture for your video. By doing this, you will make your content more attractive and appealing to the eyes. 

Keep Into Consideration The ‘lighting’

No doubt lighting plays an important role in photography. Make sure that there is even lighting in the designated area where you want to shoot to make your content free from any sort of drawback. 

Coordination In Movement

Make sure that your movement along with your friends is well coordinated to produce even, vibrant and rhythmic movements for your video content. Practise some dance steps, sequence of actions beforehand. 

Editing Your Video Content

After having your 360 video booth content, you can edit it with creativity by enhancing your colour scheme and quality of the content. In fact there should be creative use of the video booth so that you can get your desired results. You can also experiment with various effects, music, colours, speed etc. to further make your video appealing. 

Share Your Content

It’s important for you to share your video content with the spectators via social media sites. You can also utilise the Virtual Reality platform. 

Where Can You Use A 360 Video Booth?

In the beginning, 360 video booths were utilised by the people who used to organise the marketing or business events or parties. But now, with the passage of time, the benefits of using a 360 video booth expand and go beyond these business events. Let’s explore where can we make creative use of video booth:

Wedding Ceremonies

The hosts can make their wedding memorable by making the videos, either of the guests or of the bride and groom by making them stand on the platform and make them pose so that their video can be captured from 360 degree angle. Furthermore, those guests who are unable to attend the wedding can also enjoy these creative and innovative videos.

Playing Role In Tourism

People from the tourist industry can make creative use of 360 booths to show their beautiful sites from all the angles. In this way, the tourists can view the scenic sites and enjoy their view. In this way, tourism can be promoted. Australia is such a beautiful country and to further promote tourism there, 360 video booths can play their crucial role in attracting the attention of a large number of tourists. Furthermore, the authorities of the hotel can also make video content via 360 booths of their hotels to make it easy for their customers to select the most suitable hotel for them to stay and to enjoy their visit.

Academic Use

Educational and training institutions can make creative use of 360 video booths to show students the educational videos from 360 degree angle to enhance students’ learning. Furthermore, the academic institutions can also use 360 degree video booths to show the interior of the museums, libraries and other wonders across Australia. Moreover training institutions can also use 360 simulations to enhance the learning of the learners.


Alongside other important uses, 360 video booth entertainment is here for your disposal. Concerts’ organisers can use 360 booths to capture the performance of the singers and the reaction of the spectators, thus expanding the panorama. 

Corporate Events

These events can arrange 360 video booths to make their events memorable. The special cameras make the “product”, the point of focus to show the audience the product at 360 degree angle. So, in this way, 360 degree video booths can play a crucial role in making these corporate events successful. 

Benefits of Using a 360 Video Booth

While there can be numerous creative uses of video booth, it can help in the following ways:

  • Keep your guests engaged.
  • Provide a unique interactive experience to your guests.
  • An amazing marketing opportunity for your product.
  • An appealing point for the younger audience.
  • Provides instant sharable content.
  • It enables creators to tell stories in a more interactive way.
  • Viewers are more likely to remember and share 360-degree videos due to their unique and memorable nature.


From wedding ceremonies, party celebrations, and anniversary celebrations to marketing, and business events, 360-degree video booths can play a crucial role in enhancing the desired results. People can think out of the box to make their events memorable. They can employ 360 video booths to capture beautiful memories. What do people have to do? They have to just stand on the designated platform, make poses and that’s it! a 360 video booth can produce the desired results by making the videos from 360-degree angle to expand the panorama. education and healthcare, the applications of 360 video booths are limitless.