360 Video in social media marketing is key to success. But like most things in the social media world, video specs tend to change often. Most changes are related to social platforms building users’ most pleasurable viewing experience. All of these changes are challenging to keep up with. So, we’ve created a list of social media video specs to help you share your very best content with the world.

How to create a 360 video?

Do you want to know how to create a 360 video? Spinpod 360 is always to the rescue. Here are some essential guidelines when creating your own 360 social media videos.

Equipment is key

The first step to knowing how to create 360 video is essential to get a camera capable of shooting 360-degree videos. Spinpod 360 provides the best equipment for any event or business. Video creators have worked with different cameras to capture videos suited for the platform. As well as ensuring you are not in the frame when taking shots, tripods are essential for guaranteeing steady shots.


It is always important to consider the audience’s perspective when viewing angles. Viewers can adjust the camera angle based on their preferences, so the camera angles should be selected. Hence, they are comfortable to watch, for instance, avoiding sudden rotations and using seamless camera placement whenever possible.
It is crucial to keep the audience’s perspective in mind to gain subscribers and earn those critical engagement points.

Choose a compelling story

The subject of your 360° story is significant since not all levels are suitable for the format. In addition, for viewers to benefit from the increased interactivity, the entire scene and surrounding details must be considered.


You must know how to edit 360 video. It is essential to upload a video with attractive graphics and a good sequence. A video with good editing is likely to attract more people.

Upload on Social Platforms

YouTube is a great place to upload your 360-degree videos after you have created them. They will increase the social media visibility of the brand or product. You can also consider uploading your 360 videos at Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Why 360 videos?

The most awesome reason you need 360 Video in social media marketing is that they will give the viewers a fantastic experience from a unique and immersive point-of-view. Still, there are several other excellent reasons as well. Some of them are listed below:

Feature Products

Using this new technology, companies can make the most of it. They can demonstrate how their products are made by using 360 video. In addition, these brands can generate many leads by promoting how fresh their products are.

Featured Events

Letting your viewers participate in the event can take your business promotion to the next level. What’s the process? Of course, with a 360-degree video. The benefits of using 360 videos over traditional methods of showing an event, such as photos and videos, are apparent. Unless perhaps you attend the event itself, it creates an impact like nothing else.

Improve video

The 360-degree video format has become a popular method for video bloggers to share their stories with their viewers. However, the best way to increase engagement is through social media.

Destination promotion

Travel industry promotions can be more effective by using 360 videos. Tourism and hospitality are two industries where 360 videos can be most helpful because the viewers can virtually feel what it is like to visit a particular location.

360 video benefits


You can manipulate a static 2D photo and crop it to show your preferred view, but a 360 video gives you a complete thought. Viewers can choose what they want to see when watching 360 or VR videos. As a result, prospective customers are more likely to trust the video because they feel in control and it is revealing.

Boosts your competitiveness
Businesses often use photos and 2D videos. Because 360 video is still a cutting-edge technology, early adopters gain an advantage automatically. A higher rate of sharing, subscribing, and watching other videos is also generated.

Why should I use 360 for my business?

A couple of important reasons have contributed to the rise in the popularity of 360 videos in the past year. First, social platforms like YouTube and Facebook have quickly adopted the technology. The second advantage of spherical videos is that they offer an immersive experience. It is possible to transport the viewer to a place they might never have been able to see otherwise through a well-made 360 video. In addition, viewers can explore 360 videos on their terms by tilting their smartphones or dragging their mice. It doesn’t always make sense to use 360-degree video for every project. When telling a compelling story, a photograph can be the perfect medium. The best way to convey a message is sometimes with well-written text. Nevertheless, marketers continue to use video as their most effective and engaging marketing medium.

Spinpod Promising 360 booth

The 360° video technology is still very young, so expect better gear and more storytelling trends to emerge in the following years. While it may require a learning curve to be successfully integrated into your business, it shows excellent returns and intense engagement levels. However, remember that your goal in creating this kind of video is to fit your brand and your audience, not to ride a new trend merely.


Considering the current guide on how to take 360-degree videos, you must now be aware of making promotional videos. Therefore, 360 videos are one of the most effective social media video marketing strategies. Due to their content versatility and high levels of user engagement, 360 videos are pretty new in social media, but their use is increasing. In addition, Facebook is opening a new front in the war between YouTube and Facebook for video supremacy by launching 360-degree videos. The networks may launch additional features to get more traffic, making 360 videos an even more appealing option for brands and consumers.