Are you looking for a creative concept for a throwback get-together? Remember the 90s? It would be a great idea to host an awesome 90s dance party. Follow this article to understand everything you need to know about how to host an awesome 90s themed dance party.

Regardless of the type of event you are organising, be it a birthday or a significant corporate event, the 90s-themed party might be a milestone this year. We all know that the 1990s were known as one of the greatest decades. Also the fact that this era seems to be repeating itself has had to be its best feature and we are here for it! 

The best thing about 90s theme parties is that it will undoubtedly energise your guests for a fun-filled evening reminiscent of the 90s.So, if you want to know how to host an awesome 90s dance party or are looking for amazing ideas to make your event a memorable one then keep reading.

Creative ideas for a Memorable 90s Theme Party   

We’ve compiled a list of spectacular 90s theme party ideas to help you make your event stand out.

Set up a 90s photo booth

The traditional photo booth, where guests can dress up, have fun, and create memories, is a surefire party hit! Even if visitors show up in costume, you may provide some distinctly 1990s accessories to add some extra retro flair to their photos.

Props are essential when planning a 90s themed party.: Here are a few possibilities for throwing a killer 90s dance party: 90s haircut wigs, 3D glasses, old-school nylon hats, tiny sunglasses, a boombox, oversized telephones, Fanny packs or bumbags, bucket hats, over the ear headsets, choker necklaces or oversized necklaces.

Lastly you could add a 90s backdrops to pull everything together. Go for bold colours, repetitive geometric patterns, or creative street art. On the other hand a plain solid coloured background is also enough to evoke the 90s aesthetic.

Cool Cocktails

The 1990s saw the beginning of the cocktail renaissance, and what some refer to as craft cocktails, became popular. It turned into the decade of V-shaped glasses. As a result, any cocktail that combined fresh fruit and vodka and served in a V-shaped glass was bound to be a hit.

In order to host an awesome 90s dance party it would be a great idea to serve cocktails featuring 90s nostalgic beverages. It could be a Capri-sun, Fruitopia or  melted freezes as they were some popular cocktails that emerged during 1990s:

Anejo Highball

Anejo highball was a very popular and refreshing combination of rum, ginger spice and orange. 

Sour Apple Martini

Also known as Appletini,. In 1997, everyone was talking about this cocktail. It is a combo of vodka, sour apple liqueur, simple syrup, Grand Marnier and lime cordial.

Champagne Cocktail

An early 1990s drink, it may be made by simply coating a sugar cube in bitters, dropping it into a glass with cold cognac, and then topping it with champagne and serving it in a flute glass.

Jasmine Cocktail

Combine Rutte dry gin, Italian red bitter liqueur, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Using ice, thoroughly shake all the ingredients. After that, fine filter into a coupe glass, top with a twist of lemon zest, and serve.

Strawberry Daiquiri  

Its core ingredients are strawberry and rum. There are two variations to it. One is simple Strawberry Daiquiri, a blender drink of pureed whole strawberries, rum, sugar cane and lime juice.

The other drink is an island-style strawberry-banana daiquiri, which is made by combining rum, bananas, big strawberries, simple syrup, orange juice and ice.

Food, Snacks and desserts from the past

There are a lot more creative alternatives when hosting an awesome 90s dance party in terms of the great junk food you may serve. Providing late-night snacks to your guests is a popular party planning concept that will ensure the dance floor is packed all night long!

Pizza in various forms was one of the biggest flavour trends in the 1990s. Pizza rolls or mini pizza bagels would make an excellent midnight snack. Other great options include Lunchables, toaster strudel and hot pockets.

Moreover, provide processed junk food options including Dunkaroos, Pringles, Cheez-Its, Cheetos, Fruit by the Foot, Dorito 3Ds, Bagel Bites, Bugles, Bubble Tape, Ring Pops, Flinstone Push-Up Pops and Pop tarts.

In the 1990s, candy and sweets were everywhere. Thus, you may consider setting a candy bar for your 90s themed party where visitors can fill their own bags with their preferred sweets.You could also opt for donuts covered in sweet serials like Fruity pebbles, cinnamon Toast Crunch or cocoa puffs.

Bring back the 90s toys

Toy production has changed significantly, as if they don’t make toys like 90s anymore. With games and gadgets that boost brainpower, physical activity, and a touch of mysticism, youngsters in the 1990s kept themselves occupied.

In order to revive that 90s spirit it would be an enjoyable, nostalgic and fun activity to bring back toys. You could easily get your hands on these popular toys and games from your second hand shop.

Some of the most popular toys from the 1990s were Furbies, Skip it, Pogs and Slammers, Magic 8 Balls,Bop it, Etch a sketch, Socker Boppers, Velcro toss and catch.


The 90s are surely a decade worth remembering. When you host an awesome 90s dance party you’ll be able to revive all the wonderful moments from your past. To host a 90s themed party go as crazy as you want with solid colours, patterns and costumes. Make the invites as colourful as you can.

Select the best possible location and theme. Decorate your heart out with balloons and posters. As music is an essential part of any dance party, hire a DJ or have a good playlist made. Incorporate fun activities like getting slimed or host a 90s trivia game.

A party isn’t a party without a little bit of liquor. Bring back the most popular drinks from your past to tie it all together. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and to dance the night away with your friends and loved ones!