Photobooths are the invention of the 21st century. Your ancestors may never have thought of such an inspirational and incredible gadget. You can make any event unique by hiring a photobooth in Sydney. With a photobooth rental in Sydney, you can expand your reach beyond the confines of a large convention center. Creating custom photo booths and promotions to meet the unique needs of businesses and organizations is rapidly becoming an industry standard. While finding a photobooth provider in Sydney can be challenging, some online research should help you find a professional who can make any photobooth event memorable. Photo booths can be rented in several types in Sydney. Events, fairs, weddings, and corporate events commonly use full-size printers for exhibits. Corporate promotions and special events typically rent photo booths on a daily or weekly basis. Consider your options when looking for an operator, and make sure they can assist to ensure the event runs smoothly. We have photobooth hire guide so you can know what to consider and what not.

Types of Photobooths

There are two major types of photobooth hire Sydney


As the name suggests, it has closed walls or mainly curtains for privacy. If users wish to pose for candid, or glamorous, photos in enclosed photo booths, they must remain hidden from prying eyes. Various enclosure types can be used to keep prying eyes away from their photos, including curtains, walls, and panels. Various materials, including steel cabinets, curtain rod enclosures, and cubicle walls, are used to construct these booths, which range in size from 2 to 16 people. These photo booths vary greatly in terms of their durability based on their construction. Rather than purchasing a machine from a manufacturer, hire companies generally build their own. There is usually a bench seat in a smaller hire photo booth, while there may be a platform for standing in a larger one.


The other type of photobooth hire Sydney is the open photobooth. The name open photobooth implies that they are available to everyone. Typically, they accommodate more people than enclosed booths and come in a range of styles. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for people to watch, which makes the show pony arena a fun place to be. This lack of privacy may be frustrating for some people. Photo booths for hire should consider the environment they will be situated in, as well as the effects of flashes, lighting, and noise that they may emit.

Things To Consider

Power Supply

When selecting a photobooth hire Australia, it is almost always necessary to have access to mains power to use a photo booth. The location of your business is therefore crucial. A standard cannot be set up on an outdoor sports field. Weather-proof shelters are required by some companies for outdoor installations. Alternatively, a generator is recommended if the weather is generally sunny. You should be aware that some generators are quite noisy, which can have an impact on some events. You can use the photobooth outdoors if the rental company permits it, but you should check its size and weight as well. When weather conditions are poor, it may be necessary to relocate the photobooth indoors, resulting in downtime and a hassle. As a solution to power access issues, mobile photo booths, including roaming booths, are now available.

Event Features

Photo booths for hire can benefit or restrict your party based on certain features. During the hiring process, you may have to disclose the venue’s lack of sufficient lighting. It is important to have good lighting when taking pictures, as you probably already know. Will there be a big screen? Having one can make the photobooth experience more exciting. Photobooth pictures can be broadcast on a screen. As a special feature of your event, photos of your guests will be displayed on a screen. If you want to use multiple screens around the venue, you can use either a big TV or a projector. An interesting backdrop for the pictures can also enhance the experience. Backgrounds can be made using walls that are a feature of your event. Themed elements, such as entry statements, can easily be used to create a feature wall. A particular theme or color scheme may also be incorporated into the background of your event. It is a popular choice for all kinds of events, including birthdays, anniversaries, and even corporate celebrations, because it can be decorated for any occasion.


Will the attendees of your event be tech-savvy? Is the majority of your photographer’s audience older and more conventional? Creating a great experience for everyone begins with knowing your audience. Your guests will most likely want to share the pictures online if they are young and active on social media. You can share photos online with your customers through photo booths and send them SMS and email directly from the booth. Printing photos, however, is preferred by some people. Prints and messages from your guests can be glued to guest books and memory books here. Incorporating traditional experiences into your event can make it very personal. By knowing your audience, you will also be able to choose the right aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for vintage, classic, modern, fun, or romantic, the options are endless. The backdrop can be changed, effects can be added, and other customization options are available for tech-savvy audiences. You can also have your photos printed with a design that matches your event. There are a variety of options when it comes to printing photos. Selecting a style from the variety available can be the first step in creating actual prints.

Spare Equipment

Professional companies have business continuity plans, something that separates them from part-timers and hobby businesses. Many businesses will inevitably face disruptions in service or operations at some point in time. Certain disruptions can occur to photobooth companies, such as adverse weather conditions, transportation difficulties, and technology failures. Although supplier interruptions may negatively impact your event, this should not necessarily mean you should cancel your event altogether. For most scenarios, a reliable company will be prepared to provide the photobooth and services you need on time. This potential issue needs to be addressed in the continuity plan. Your event should be prepared with spare equipment in case of camera malfunctions, broken cables, or lighting issues. Your guests may be entertained by the photo booth. A sudden malfunction will surely disappoint attendees. Having a spare booth on hand is necessary in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Laws and Regulations

Photobooth hire Sydney businesses need to understand the legalities surrounding their operations just like any other business. If you want to avoid dealing with sketchy companies, make sure you ask pertinent questions and gather information. Ask for their insurance. Many businesses consider insurance a necessary expense. The risk can be placed back on you if your event suppliers aren’t fully compliant. Make sure the company’s insurance meets the minimum legal requirements and the venue’s requirements when researching that company. Hire photobooth providers who offer their services merely as a hobby. It may not be possible for the company to assist if something goes wrong at your event. Despite the low upfront cost, you may pay more in the long run. Also, test the equipment before Photobooth hire Sydney. Choosing a photobooth is an important decision that requires research. Make sure you don’t focus solely on the business’s price and promises. You should consider checking out the provider’s history, customer reviews, and length of time they’ve been in business. Make sure their website focuses on customer communication and that you take the time to inspect it. When dealing with suppliers, sometimes you have to trust your gut.


There are so many styles, features, and customization options available for photobooth hire Sydney today. Your needs, preferences, and budget can be met by a company offering a tailored package. Any event theme can be complimented with a photo booth. We offer a variety of photobooth options, including the standout 360-degree photo booth, the Mosaic Wall, and the more vintage photobooth. Also, you may be able to match your event’s props and backdrops. However, professional advice can never go wrong, even though it’s your event and you’re in control. Consider the advice of an expert when choosing a photobooth for your event. Birthday photo booths, wedding booths, anniversaries booths,]and social or corporate events are all context-specific.

Photobooth hiring in Sydney

In an automated photo booth, guests simply step into the booth and operate it themselves for hours. Delivery, set-up, and removal of the booths are handled by an operator. If the hirer wishes to have their booth delivered sooner or for a longer period, they may be charged an additional fee. Most operators start setting up well before the start time but don’t pick up until the next day, without charging extra. If there are additional charges to be considered, you should make sure you are aware of how the operator operates. A photobooth is rented and guests enter it and operate it if it is automated. It is operated manually if it is not automated. The photo strips are prepaid by you, the hirer, so your guests do not pay anything for them. Your package might or might not include saving the pictures digitally. Typically, the images are provided on a CD or USB and sent with the security deposit after the hire if included.

Need For Photobooth Attendant

Photobooth hiring is majorly related to its work. Not everyone is aware of using it. There are some times in which there is a need for an attendee. Let’s see when we need them and when not


According to the operator, the price can include an attendant for photobooth hire Sydney. Depending on the company, attendants cut photo strips, adhere photo strips to guest photo albums, operate the booths, and more. If any technical issues arise, they may be able to resolve them. In addition to the attendants, the photobooth itself can make the experience more enjoyable.


The machine can be turned on by some operators by the hirer. There are a handful of machines that have timers so that the machines can be started or stopped at set times without requiring an attendant. Usually, this service is provided by companies that use all steel machines, which are more durable and more tolerant of a little fun. Ensure you will have access to technical support if you need it during your rental. There are a few serious photobooth hire Sydney technical problems, and most can be resolved over the phone.

Photobooth Pricing

When considering Photobooth hire Sydney, it is essential to look at the pricing and packages.

The packages

The basic hire may be offered by some operators, whereas the extras can be added by others. Some operators charge a maximum number of prints, while others offer unlimited prints. In less common instances, and mainly with professional photographers, some operators do not include any prints in the package, but they can be ordered post-rental directly from the photographer or ordered through a printer.

The delivery process

If you intend to hire a photo booth, check whether the cost of delivery to your venue is included. The websites of many operators do not always clearly explain how much they charge for traveling outside their normal area.


While the attendant is being hired, some operators expect her to be fed. When comparing photobooth hire prices, make sure you factor this in as part of your budget.

Terms of payment

Pay attention to the fine print because cancellation fees and payment plans differ greatly. You will also see what deposits are required and when final payments are due.


As mentioned earlier, checking for insurance is important. In some cases, operators will ask for a bond to cover any damage during your hire, especially if the booth is unattended. You will receive your money back after the hire if you treat the booth well.

Prop replacement

You will likely be charged a fee if you don’t return broken or non-returned props in your package. There will usually be an inventory of props provided by operators.

Offers and deals

Photobooth operators often offer discounts for late bookings, early bookings, and mid-week bookings when you inquire. Booking early and paying in full early may also get you a better deal, so it’s worth asking. You should read the fine print if you negotiate to pay early so that you know how much money will be refunded in case you must cancel. If you hire a photo booth, only hire one from a reputable company with a long-standing reputation, so that they are still in business when your date comes around.

Bottom Line

It may seem an easy task, but photobooth hire Sydney may take weeks. It is necessary to keep in mind all the considerations for a safe and fun event.