Are you planning to share the moment you have been eagerly waiting for with your loved ones through a gender reveal party? Then why not get creative and announce the baby’s gender, significantly and uniquely, that beautifully captures the moment in time forever? Here is how to make your gender reveal party pop with spin pod 360.

Gone are the days when doctors updated the parents simply about the baby’s gender, and that was it. Recently, gender revelation has become a full-blown party phenomenon and why not? Gender reveal parties and baby showers have become an excellent reasons for your family and friends to come together and celebrate your new addition to the family.

 However, when it comes to making the gender announcement and revelation, all the parents want it to be done in a smashingly unique way that is unforgettable, especially when there are many cliché concepts out there that they may want to avoid. 

 If you also want to spice up your baby’s gender reveal party, then a 360 Photo booth is just right for you. Remember that spin pod 360 integrates the latest technology, which makes it easy, quick and automatic so that you do not have to go through any hassle to take quality photos. Follow this article for inspiration and make your gender reveal party pop with spin pod 360.

Gender reveal party and spin pod 360 go hand-in-hand:

Photo booths have become all the hype these days, especially a 360 Photo booth for celebrating the significant milestones in your life, be it a bridal shower, wedding, birthday, or graduation. 

 They are easy to handle and have become accessible and affordable lately.

Moreover, who would prefer a quick photo/ video of themselves that can be instantly printed and uploaded on their social media, where it will pop up year after year as a memory? 

 So, with a baby on its way to your beautiful family, there has to be a photo booth involved in your celebration and add to your joyous moments.

 Australia has the best 360 photo booths available, so if you plan to organise your gender reveal party in Sydney, then a spin pod 360 is all you need. The secure design of the Spin pod 360 includes a camera mounted on a motorised revolving arm. It provides enough room for 2-4 people to stand; thus, a mom-to-be would not find it difficult to pose on the pod with her spouse to announce the gender.

 Its moving arm will catch your natural reactions to the gender revelation from a 360-degree perspective. Hence allowing you to let go of all your inhibitions and enjoy the party as you are. 

 Moreover, hiring a 360 Photo booth at your baby’s gender reveal party would ensure quality photos and videos and bring a lifetime experience for you and your guests. 

 Typically, it does not have to be utilised just for posing for pictures and videos. Still, you can also reveal the gender on it and have your moment of surprise beautifully recorded. The software installed in the spin pod 360 will then instantly process, edit and create a stunning shot of you and your guests, which can then be easily shared across social media.

Gender reveal party ideas – Backdrops and decorations:

Now that you know why you should hire a spin pod 360 for your gender reveal party, read on to discover gender reveal photo booth backdrop ideas and complementary decorations to pull your party together and make it pop.

 A gender reveal photo booth is a great way to add fun to your event and give your guests an excuse to be quirky and silly while being captured. Also, customising them according to your taste and theme will allow your photos to ooze with vibrance.

Backdrop and décor ideas

Although you can have ready-made photo booth backdrops with the spin pod 360 if you are holding your gender reveal party in Sydney, personalising them will bring out your individuality. Also, it can be an effortless and fun task requiring you to use your creative skills. Here are some of the props and materials you will need for your gender reveal photo booth backdrop.


  • When it comes to a gender reveal party, we all know blue and pink balloons and décor are a must. So, these colourful balloons will come in handy when preparing your booth backdrop. Balloons can also be used to reveal gender. For this, pour a bit of pink or blue paint into one balloon, fill the rest with white, and then poke them one by one to create suspense and excitement to know the baby’s gender. Or you can pack a giant box with pink or blue helium-filled balloons, and then during your gender reveal party, you can unbox the balloons and reveal the gender.
  • To merge in the beauty of mother nature, you can also bring along delicate pink, coral and blue flowers with lush leafy garlands as decoration.
  • For the décor of a solid cardboard backdrop, you can hang pastel-coloured ribbons or light sheer curtains to bring that dreamy yet cheerful effect in your spin pod slow-motion videos.


  • Further, you will need printed cutouts for writing “boy” and “girl”, or you can go for alphabet foil balloons if you want them to be more prominent in photos and videos.


Then, you can decorate your backdrop with blue décor and pink on the other half. You can also paste colourful baby footprints or ask whether “it’s a boy or a girl?”. 

Ask your friends and family, then, to take a guess on the baby’s gender and stand on the respective sides of the backdrop while having their photos and videos shot through the Spin pod 360. It will surely be a fun gender reveal game for your guests, which will always remain a memory that they cannot deny when the gender is revealed.

Gender reveal party props

Props are the perfect tools to bring the theme and mood of your party right into the photo booth while saving the guests from making awkward and confused poses where they do not know what to do. The best thing about photo booth props is that they may double as decorations also while not in use.

Furthermore, you can scatter them across tables or put them in vases near your 360 Photo booth as centrepieces. Also, having props would allow your guests to relax and enjoy while taking photos rather than being anxious and dull.

  • The most accessible and most affordable props to get your hands on are always the printable ones, and thus, you can go for baby prediction cards or the boy and girl-themed speech bubbles containing messages such as; “It’s a boy/girl”, “coming soon”, “welcome to fam”, “congratulations” and many more which your relatives and friends would love to hold while at the photo booth.
  • You can also use large-sized sports-themed foam fingers to identify those rooting for “team boy” or “team girl”.
  • Another adorable idea is to use baby clothes and accessories such as bibs, small bottles, diapers, onesies, moustaches or pouty lips cutouts as gender reveal party props.

Gender reveal poppers

Lastly, having gender reveal poppers are a must at every gender reveal party regardless of whether you reveal the gender through the cake or any other way. You can go for biodegradable and non-toxic options when going for powder cannons.

Another excellent and safe option is the confetti popper, which contains colourful paper confetti that would burst out with a single flick of your wrist. A great way to pop them would be when the expecting parents are standing at the podium of the 360 Photo booth, and the spin pod will perfectly catch their reactions and burst of emotion through timed slow-motion videos.  


Gender reveal parties allow you to come together with your loved ones and reveal the new addition to the family in a fun and exciting way. While there are many ways to hold the party, you can make yours as relaxed or as elaborate as you would like. 

However, when it comes to making memories and having tangible keepsakes, hiring a spin pod 360 for your gender reveal party in Sydney is, without a doubt going to be your best idea. It will provide you and your guests with instant souvenirs and create a magical experience for them, leaving people in awe.