Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a SpinPod 360?
A SpinPod 360 provides an advanced and fun 360° photo booth experience. We have moved on from the boring 4 image photo booth option and provide 360° videos to capture the memories and beauty of every event. SpinPod 360’s new high-tech product produces videos (and images if required) for people to put on their social media or share via other online communication medias.
How does a SpinPod 360 work?
A 360 Photo booth is no different to a standard photo booth – except its much more fun!

Instead of squeezing into a small photo booth, you will step onto a podium (pod) that can fit up to 4-6 people. Once you are standing on the SpinPod, its all lights, camera, action from there. A SpinPod 360 staff member will begin the spin and all you need to do is dance or pose while the camera spins around you. Once the spin is complete and the SpinPod 360 staff member says its safe to dismount, you can make your way to the sharing station, where your video will be waiting for you to share it via social media, email, text or whatsApp.

Is it safe?
Yes! SpinPod 360 is a safe and fun experience which will put your event ahead of the rest. Our 360 photo booth is safe for all ages – from children to the elderly.

We always take safety as our propriety and ensure all safety protocols are in place prior to event set-ups. To ensure everyone’s safety and to guarantee a great experience, we encourage everyone to follow staff instructions.

***We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we believe is unsafe partake in the 360 photo booth spin.

How much does it cost?
We offer different SpinPod experiences to suit your needs. We have packages already set up or we can customise a package specific for your event.

Please contact us for a quote.

Can it be used outdoors?
Yes – we can defitinely set up a SpinPod in an outdoor setting. A number factors need to be considered, such as weather, power access and lighting, however overall outdoor settings have produced awesome videos.
How can I use the SpinPod 360 to promote my business?
The use of SpinPod 360 is endless and particularly for businesses in need to promote their product or service. It is a new way of product launches and business marketing. With the videos easy to share and link to social media, businesses will be “staying in the game” in the social media world.

The SpinPod 360 takes modelling to another level, with a 360 view of the product.

And how can we forget corporate events – businesses that are looking to wow their clients/customers, should not miss out on having a SpinPod 360 at their next corporate event.

Contact us to discuss your needs and what we have to offer.