Who does not want a perfect wedding? After all, it is the biggest event of your life. However, shouldn’t the memories of this function be captured with all its perfection? Keep reading this article because you are at just the right place to gather ideas for creating custom wedding 360 photo booth backdrops.

For many, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You reach this decision, and its arrangements take weeks, months, or even years of planning, so your big day comes together. We all want every arrangement to flawlessly compliment the theme, colour, and décor in general.

However, when all this preparation looks temporary, and only for a few hours of the day, your wedding or engagement photos capture your special moments perfectly and become your most treasured souvenirs for a lifetime. Hence, you would not want them to look plain, dull, and without a fun vibe.

Furthermore, having a wedding photo booth is always a good idea since it would double the energy and excitement of your guests, allowing them to feel relaxed and candid in photos. Moreover, it would allow them to take stunning, unforgettable photos when you want to make sure that everyone departs with lots of memories to reflect on.

For your photos to portray this vibrant atmosphere and energy of your wedding, we have brought you unique and personalised ideas for you to create custom wedding photo booth backdrops. Customising your wedding backdrop will be one of the decisions you will never regret while looking back at your photos.

Customisable wedding photo booth backdrop ideas

To provide you with simple yet unique backdrops, we have compiled some of our favourite photo booth backdrop ideas, which can be customised according to any theme for wedding photo booths, along with tips on how to make them stand out.

Classy fairy lights backdrop

As the name explains, fairy lights are quintessential to weddings and create the same vibe as a wedding. So, adding them to your backdrop will alleviate the photos with their soft glow. These are also very affordable yet classy options. To customise the wedding backdrop, you can even hand neon signs of either the bride’s and groom’s names or some romantic song lyrics that are cheesy yet cute for photos.

To enhance the photo booth backdrops further, you can hang sheer curtains on the backdrop stand and cover them with fairy lights. Since it’s a wedding, you can wear pink or white drapes and match them with traditional floral decorations. You can add candles and garlands to the design for an additional magical touch.

Floral wall backdrop

We can all agree that floral arrangements especially go well with wedding events. Therefore, a flower wall is an ideal way to add that elusive wow element to your photo booth backdrop and your event. Flower walls can be tailored to your preferred colour scheme, flower choices, or style, just like other floral arrangements.

In addition, renting a faux floral background could help you stay within your budget. For this, you must arrange a wooden background wall and then attach some flowers around the edges in a prior draping arrangement to give your wedding photo booth a simple yet enchanted appearance. Add some light-up wedding letters above your floral decoration to customise this backdrop for more depth.  

Old door backdrop

If you have an outdoor wedding, then using old doors is a straightforward yet budget-friendly method to add rustic or vintage character to your wedding backdrop. It will give the effect of your wedding aisle inside your photo booth. Like a fairy lights backdrop, the old door can also be decorated according to your liking in multiple ways, which will also frame the natural scenery behind it.

You can embellish it with flower garlands, vines, and even white or pink balloons and airy curtains, hang wedding bells on its knobs, and other old-fashioned decorations, to give it an authentic feel. Furthermore, you can also engrave the couple’s name and wedding date on the door. To blend in with your wedding’s theme or décor, you can even paint the door in unique hues like gold, crimson, and white.

Vintage couch backdrop

This is another backdrop favourable for an outside wedding venue that brings out the beauty of mother nature. Adding a classic old sofa to your outdoor backdrop may bring a lot of individuality to your photographs and encourage your guests to get comfortable and capture some incredible candid shots.

For this wedding photo booth idea, you only need a few props and decorations because it may look like too much is happening with all the background flowers and trees. All you have to do, hence, is to firmly hang a stunning chandelier from a tree branch and place a vintage sofa underneath it along with a side table. For added effect, you can also place lighted candles and flower petals on and around the table. To further accentuate the natural landscape, you can make a floral arch and hang it on a human-sized frame that can be placed right behind the couch.


There are many factors to consider and think about when it comes to planning your wedding. Then you get to experience your wedding day, but after the event is over, other than the memories, the only tangible keepsake is your photos. 

Only through your photos will you be able to relive your special day and feel the vibrance of the moment. However, a photo booth backdrop plays a vital role when creating that everlasting atmosphere in photos.

To blend it naturally with your wedding theme, several props we have mentioned above can even bring a simple old door to life. With these easily customisable wedding photo booth backdrop ideas in mind, you can alter and personalise your wedding backdrop.