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There is no place like the 360 photo booth in Canberra. Whether you’re having a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event in Canberra and neighbouring areas, Spinpod’s event equipments will impress your guests. There is an option to suit every occasion due to its ability to be completely customisable and uniquely adaptable. Introducing our 360 video booth Canberra service allows social media sharing and high-quality outputs with advanced event technologies. If your event creates a memorable experience for your guests, they will remember your event for years to come.

We deliver!

You may wonder, Why us? If you don’t bring your own Canberra photo booth, you’ll need to get one that hires skilled booth operators to serve your event well enough for your guests’ enjoyment. However, we have all kinds of services available for your next get-together. You can be assured we have everything covered, from weddings to birthday parties to proms. Because we are located in Canberra, we’re confident that hiring our services will be politically acceptable. Besides, we’re the best!

Our Add ons

Clients of 360 photo booth in Canberra get access to several premium additional features.

Instant Sharing

You can download and share your guests’ photos from the Picture Booth that we provide so that both you and your guests can enjoy the images you took at the event, and you both can share them online if you would like.

Unique Backgrounds

For instance, we have sequin, print patterns, flower walls, and marble backgrounds for different booths that you can choose from.We are happy to make custom backgrounds for you.

Canberra’s First Choice

Spinpod provides Photo Booth Hire Canberra to Australia’s individuals, groups, and corporations. Our 360 photo booth in Canberra is the most spectacular way to capture a moment. It offers a 360-degree view of the occasion from a 360-degree booth, which is unparalleled in Canberra.

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Photographs can not only preserve memories and fill up beautiful summer albums but can also help your brand sell products or services across multiple audiences simultaneously. Do not hesitate to hire our 360 video Booth Canberra for your next important event or celebration. Our booths are fully integrated with catering to all types of events, including weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, and anniversaries. To offer you an experiential marketing service that helps with product branding, we offer a series of fun, interactive and unique advertising services that will engage your customer base and motivate them to try your product. We offer open photography booths for large events, family gatherings, and anniversaries. You, your family, friends, or co-workers can enjoy capturing those wonderful memories with amazing photos in pristine quality without the hassle of traditional memories. You and your peers will have fun and enjoy an unforgettable experience in our open photo booths, even though they are outdoors, away from the tight, narrow spaces commonly used for photoshoots. You can reach us by telephone today or learn more about our company by visiting our website.