If you want to win formal awards in the future, starting now is essential. We’d all like to think that winning an award will only happen in the future, but that’s only sometimes true. Many companies and brands who are most likely to awards to their employees make mistakes — but they don’t have to anymore. By helping you think about past awards and look towards the future, this post has provided incredible formal award ideas on what should be considered when planning your next formal awards plan.

Top 10 Best Formal Awards Ideas in 2024

The 2024 formal awards season is here, and it’s going to be busy. While we already know that plenty of big-name stars and Oscar hopefuls will hit the red carpet, some new awards categories were added this year.

And as always, there are some great ways to celebrate an achievement in style. Here are 10 of our favourite formal awards ideas in 2024:

The Chit-Chat Award

The Chit-Chat Award is an award that’s given to the person whose communication skills are the best. It can be given as a single trophy or as an entire class of awards, depending on how many people you have to give it to. When you’re giving out this award, make sure everyone in your audience knows what it means; otherwise, they’ll think that you’re talking about yourself when there are other people around who deserve recognition for their communication abilities. For example: “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend this morning’s meeting because I had been called into work early by my boss.” Or maybe: “It was nice seeing everyone today after our long winter break.”

The Elephant Memory Award

In the category of formal awards, this award goes out once every month and lasts until the next month’s meeting starts again (only if someone wants it). The winner gets a wooden elephant statue with their name engraved on its back—which looks pretty cool when displayed at either home base or company headquarters. Elephants are great for remembering things because they remember everything about anything happening anywhere at any time throughout history.

Elephant Memory Award

The Elephant Memory Award is for someone who can remember the most things. You’re not just a great memory, but you also have to be able to recall all of your friends’ names and what they do for a living. The winner is chosen by their ability to remember everything from childhood until now. They should also be able to tell others about it—for instance, if someone asks them where they learned something or how they got their job at your company.

Calmer of Storms Award

This award is yours for those who are calm and collected in all situations. The recipient will take home a beautiful picture frame made from wood and decorated with their name that can be hung on any wall. If you want to keep the gift simple, this option would be perfect for anyone who likes things in black or white (or maybe even grey).

Walking Encyclopedia Award

The Walking Encyclopedia Award is a special award given to someone who is an expert in their field. The award should be given to someone who is an expert in their field (such as science or engineering). It’s not just about being smart, though! You also need to know how to get there and back again, so it can’t be just a lab coat. If you’re looking for something exciting but still formal enough for a presentation ceremony at work or school graduation day, check out these other options:

Always In a Meeting Award

Along with other formal awards, this award is perfect for someone who is always in a meeting but still looks fantastic. The winner will receive a fancy dress and a bouquet.

The Foodie Award

The Foodie Award is the perfect way to honour those passionate about food. People who love to cook and eat delicious meals, people who want to share their love of food with others, or even those who enjoy looking at pictures of delicious food on Instagram—the Foodie Award has something for everyone! The criteria for this formal award are simple: you must greatly appreciate good quality food and drink. You do not have to be an expert or gourmet chef, but you must appreciate good ingredients combined into tasty dishes. You can be a home cook, but if you are willing to step out from behind your stovetop, then so much better! The best part about being awarded as a community member is that we will continue supporting your efforts through social media posts throughout the year leading up until our annual ceremony, where we give out awards such as these.

The Bermuda Triangle Award

The Bermuda Triangle Award is for a person who is friendly to everyone. It’s for someone friendly to the community, environment, and economy. This award can be given to anyone in your organisation, including managers or employees. It can also be given by an outside source, such as a community group or environmental organisation partnered with your company (or even just one employee).

Stand-up Comedian Award

This award is for a stand-up comedian who has been in the business for at least three years. The contestant must have performed at least 50 times, and their show must be available online. It’s also essential that this person has performed in at least five countries (or states).

Mr Clean or Ms Clean Award

The Mr Clean or Ms Clean Award is for the best-looking person in the room. This award is excellent if you want to give an award to someone who has made a real effort to look their best, but it’s not just about outward appearance. It’s also about how they carry themselves and interact with others—in other words, the audience’s vibe matters as much as what they wear!

The Instagrammer Award

The Instagrammer Award is for the most popular Instagrammer, photographer, blogger and vlogger. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to increase their social media followers. Like other formal awards, it is also a lovable award that employees like the most.

The Beautician Award

The Beautician Award is a great way to recognize someone who always makes you smile, whether in the office or at home. This award should be given to someone who has a great sense of humour and likes to laugh and can make everyone around them smile with their jokes and stories.


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