People across the globe are hooked to their phones to capture their special moments in the most memorable manner, so that whenever they feel nostalgic, they can cherish those beautiful memories. 

Many people prefer taking photographs via their mobile cameras, DSLRS, digital cameras. But, others prefer to hire special photo booths to capture their moments in a creative and innovative way and when it comes to some best 360 photo booths, creativity and inventiveness is its speciality. 360 photo booths have gained their popularity in recent years and have been setting events on fire since.

There are a plethora of options in terms of top 360 photo booth hire available for the people who are eagerly seeking to make their moments special. People in Australia can enjoy multiple options that are available for them throughout the country with their amazing offers and options for their customers. 

So we have come up with the best 360 photo booth hires that are there for you and you can hire them if you live in Australia.

10 Best 360 Photo Booth Hires 

1. Spinpod 360 photo booth: 

The top 360 photo booth hire is Australia’s favourite photobooth, Spinpod 360. This is currently one of the best and immersive photo booth hires in Australia. It has taken a traditional photo booth to the next level in order to attract its customers. With its special LED video booth for customers, it allows the users to make their moments memorable for them. 

Keeping in mind the future trends in 360 photo booths, they offer the best possible options to its customers. You just have to show some moves and make some poses for their special cameras and what will they do? They will add fuel to fire and thus in this way, they add Hollywood style to your video. 

They provide their special offers for wedding ceremonies, corporate functions and events, gender reveal functions, birthday parties, brand launch events and much more. Furthermore, their popularity is increasing day by day that shows their professionalism and their dedication for their customers. So make your special moments more special by hiring Spinpod 360 photo booth.

2. 360 Snap Sydney

360 Snap Sydney

If you want the hottest event experience in Sydney, you definitely need to hire 360 snap sydney. They have a team of professional stylists, graphic designers, camera men, video makers to capture your memories. They guarantee their customers with the best footage results. 

They undoubtedly have exceptional softwares and effects that make your videos and photographs even more wonderful. So what are you waiting for? 

Go and hire 360 Snap Sydney photo booth for your upcoming event for making your birthday party, wedding ceremony or anniversary function, brand launch, and official event much more memorable.

3. Melbourne 360 Booth

Melbourne 360 Booth

If you want to get the best photo or video experience, Melbourne 360 booth is here to serve you and to fulfil your desires. Whether it’s a birthday, corporate event, engagement or hens and bucks night, they have a special team of professionals that guides you through the process of photo booth and makes you ready for the photo booth platform. 

Their team of camera men give their best to capture your wonderful moments that you never forget. They edit your video or photos within seconds and make them accessible for you and your friends on social media platforms, so that you and your friends can enjoy their memories together. That’s why this one is our third pick when looking to hire a Melbourne 360 booth for your special event.

4. Snappy Photo booths

If you want the latest imaging technology to be a part of your photos and videos, Snappy Photo booths in Melbourne and in all major cities of Australia can give you your desired results. 

Through their instant email and message services, they provide you with your edited photographs and videos soon after you have done with the event. They have special “slow motion” video options that mesmerise their customers and compel them to hire Snappy Photo booths. 

Above all, their services are inexpensive and innovative at the same time. So those who have their eyes on their pockets and simultaneously want their events memorable, don’t worry! Allow Snappy Photo booths to provide you with their exceptional  services that are cheap enough to keep your pockets warm even after your special event. 

5. One 360 Photo Booth

One 360 Photo Booth

With their best photos and videos services available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, one 360 photobooth is providing you with their best results via 360 degree revolution. rel=”nofollow”They guarantee you that they will bring your event to life via their 360 photo booth. 

Their portfolio represents their versatility, inventiveness and innovation. Furthermore, they guarantee you to make your event successful and memorable. Whether it’s a wedding function or a birthday party, a product launch event or an official event, they provide their best services for you in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

6. Capture 360 video booth

Capture 360 video booth

Our sixth pick on the list of best 360 photo booth is capture 360 video booth. As the name indicates, if you want to capture the most significant memories of your life in motion, you gotta try them. 

Their professional team is definitely specialised in creating special and memorable moments for you and your friends and acquaintances. Whether it’s an engagement party or anniversary event, a wedding function or an official or corporate event, they definitely give you their best services. 

Having fantastic reviews, you will absolutely hire them for making your memorable event even more memorable. What do they just want from you? To gather your friends, stand on a platform and show your best moves. The remaining magic will be done by them. 

Their team will record your precious moments in HD. Furthermore, with just one click, the photographs and videos will be available for you and your friends so that you can share your beautiful memories on your social media.

7. 360 Spin ADL

If you are resident of Adelaide, then you can definitely enjoy their best services specially regarding 360 degree photos and videos. They provide you with their best corporate photography, 360 photo booths for your brand launch events, engagement and wedding and other significant events. 

Their customer’s reviews are the testaments of their professionalism, skillfulness and their dedication. That’s why, they are getting immense popularity day by day. 

8. Momentum Photo Booth

Momentum Photo Booth

Next up we have the Momentum photo booth which guarantees you that your event will absolutely stand out from the rest if you hire them. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or planning a wedding ceremony with a unique touch or planning a surprise anniversary party for a couple; they will definitely help you in achieving your target. 

Either it’s a sweet 16’s, baby shower, corporate event, or it’s a private party, they provide you with their best services. They regard their 360 photo booth as “a definite crowd pleaser”. You just need to strike a pose and let them create that special moment that lasts a lifetime in your mind as a golden memory.

9. RM Party Wonderland 

Situated in Perth, they cater you with their special services for your different events. It is known as Perth’s leading 360 photo booth. 

You can take your event to the next level with their the most popular and trendiest photos and videos effects. They claim to add a wow factor to your event. So don’t waste your time searching out the best 360 photo booth, secure your spot right now. 

Their team of professionals will walk you through the procedure – edit your photographs or videos by adding a slow motion effect to your photos and videos, they enable you to cherish your memories.

10. 360tube

Situated in Glenmore Park, Australia, they provide you with their special services to the people of Blue Mountain and nearby areas. 

Their services include 360 video booths, 360 photo booths for your private and public events including brand launch function, event marketing, official events. They claim to have 4K resolution and 360 stereoscopic video capabilities. 

Their customers are increasingly deliberately that shows their skillfulness and creativity that grasp the attention of the people. So, your chance to create cherishable memories is just a click away with this 360 Photo Booth in Australia. 

Final Words

Summing up, we have come up with the ten best 360 photo booth companies in Australia by keeping in mind the future trends in 360 photo booths. All of these top 360 photo booths hire definitely have the capability to elevate your event that you are planning for your friends and acquaintances. 

They will make your event memorable via their state-of-the-art 360 photo booth facilities that will mesmerise your guests. 

Whether it’s a wedding or engagement party, anniversary or a birthday party, a private party or an official event, a brand launch or any corporate event, baby shower or gender reveal functions, you can hire any of these immersive 360 photo booths hires in Australia.