Why host a boring baby shower that looks identical to every other one since the time of your grandma? Why not bring a baby shower photo booth to spice things up and make it a memorable event? Here is why you need a 360 Photo booth for baby shower.

Like every other party, a baby shower has to be planned with all the menus, locations, themes and decorations. However, when it comes to event documentation, why not go for a spin pod 360 to give your pictures a life-like quality? After all, a new member will add to your family, and you can capture your anticipation by recording the moment through a 360 photo booth for your baby shower.   

Also, no one can deny that after the event ends, it is only through photos you can relive the experience weeks, months, or even years from now. So, with all the preparations, you will be happy to hire a 360 photo booth for baby shower and here is why.

Why do you need a 360 photo booth for your baby shower?

Photo booths have become the life of every party recently; however, hiring them for your baby shower event is still a slightly new and, thus, a unique idea. 

Having a photo booth is a way of grabbing everyone’s attention, and when hiring a 360 photo booth for your baby shower, you and your guests are bound to have an unforgettable experience. 

Keep reading this article to know how a spin pod 360 can be the star of your baby shower when it comes to announcements, invites, arrangements, décor, backdrop and, most importantly, creating memories.

Life-like photos that are hassle-free

A spin pod 360 has a party-friendly and safe structure with a camera installed on a motorised rotating arm. The pod attached to it has enough space to allow 4-6 persons to stand and pose quickly. 

Thus, a mommy-to-be will have no problem posing on it along with her spouse, family or friends, not to mention the fact that with its moving arm, it will capture your candid moments from a 360 angle, allowing you, your family and friends to drop your inhibitions and enjoy being yourselves at the baby shower.  

Social media-worthy announcements and invites

A baby shower is about announcing your pregnancy, and what better way than to hop on the pod? You can even hold cute props while taking photos to add to the fun and spice up the shots. There are many printable quotes and props available on Pinterest saying, “It’s a baby”, “Mom to be”, “congrats”, etc. Baby bottles, diapers, bibs, and even their tiny clothes can also be props to show your anticipation. 

The 360 photo booth will simplify your task since its software will immediately edit, process, and upload your photo/ video and can even design an announcement card for your baby shower. This way, you would not have to rely on a costly graphic designer, and you can show your creativity through your photos and videos.

Besides, you can even utilise the 360 photo booth before the baby shower event to send invitations. Through its software, you can create a cute and short clip of yourself inviting the guests that will set the mood for your unique upcoming baby shower. The spin pod 360 can then edit it for you and add the timings and venue to prepare the perfect virtual invite clip.

Gives life to the venue

When hiring a Spin Pod 360, you do not have to worry about its mobility or the restricted space that the usual photo booths have. You can quickly move it around and allow it to capture all the décor you have at the baby shower venue. 

Apart from that, decorations are a way to express yourself and the love you feel for your baby, so it should be kept as a tangible memory with you forever through a 360 photo booth.

For baby shower decorations, you can either DIY them or get them premade from dollar stores to give the shower an authentic feel of a kid’s event. 

You can stick balloon arch garlands on the walls and even spread them on the floor. Try combining different colours, sizes, and shapes to create a whimsical yet appealing design.

Having a baby shower-themed cake has also become a trend and so you can display it on a minimalistic table, and that too in front of the backdrop that you made. Further, you can hang baby clothes on ribbons or ropes like socks, onesies, bibs etc., which would look adorable in your 360 photos and videos.

With all the preparations and stunning décor, your home will look like a venue always made for a mesmerising baby shower. So finally, when the baby shower commences, have your spin pod 360 produce an instant professional quality video. It will beautifully capture you, your family and your friends vibing to the event and aesthetically accentuate the baby shower decorations at your venue.

Bring the vibes to the pod – Customised baby shower backdrops

A simple camera or even a photographer can not capture your mood and the essence of the baby shower event at the exact moment. However, with a Spin pod 360, you can show your thrilling mood with a baby shower backdrop right behind you. With a cute yet quirky backdrop as a camera-ready canvas, you would not even have to worry about your venue in every photo.

To customise your backdrop, you can place a large white cardboard stand and write quotes about welcoming your child. You can even hang sheer curtains around it and add blue and pink balloons if the gender is still a secret. Otherwise, you can choose the standard colours according to the baby’s gender.

Also, if you want to flaunt that baby bump of yours, make sure that the backdrop colours are pastels, allowing you to be the focus in photos. Some of the colours to go with are bubble gum pink, lilacs, white and powder blue.

Furthermore, adding cartoon images, barbie dolls, and even stuffed toys like teddy bears, baby elephants, or any other animal to your backdrop would bring the baby shower photo booth back to life.

You can also substitute the idea of a cardboard backdrop with a whiteboard or chalkboard. Your guests can also utilise it to suggest baby names or even make predictions regarding the baby’s gender if it has not been revealed earlier. This will work as a fun guessing game for you and your guests.  

Souvenir for guests – Takeaway memories

Hosting a baby shower with a coordinated theme and a décor that complements the event requires tons of effort and planning. 

However, when all this preparation looks brief and temporary and only for a few hours of the day, your 360 Photo booth for your baby shower will capture your special moments perfectly and provide you with your most treasured souvenir for a lifetime. You will thus have enough memories to show them to your future kids, and they will surely cherish how you welcomed them.

Moreover, the simplest way to create memories is to give your guests a personalised photo with the baby shower backdrop and props instantly taken by the 360 Photo booth. The photo booth would create a wonderful experience for them at the baby shower.

Every photo in the booth can even be printed twice, one for the guest and one for you. The copies made by the hosts can then be placed in a guestbook with the guests’ best wishes, giving you the ideal souvenir to look back on in the future.


Most baby showers feature certain traditional elements. However, you can unleash your creativity and add personality to the celebration by hiring a 360 photo booth for your baby shower. 

Besides, these days photo booths have become the very tool to celebrate the significant milestones in your life, whether it is your wedding, graduation or birthday party. Hence, you can be the trendsetter in your family by introducing the spin pod 360 at your baby shower and letting your guests experience a quirky and fun way to make memories.

Remember that the world has become digitised, and you no longer have to rely on paper-printed invitations with all the hassle of mailing each guest. Through your spin pod 360, you can have edited and processed photos and videos that can be sent virtually and shared across social media as a part of your visual diary online.