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We bring the hottest concept of photography and videography to your auspicious event with our modern Spinpod 360 photo booth. Whether you are a website hosting a corporate gathering, a marriage, a celebration, or any other unique occasion, our Spinpod 360 photo booth will boost the experience and create unforgettable memories for you and your visitors.

We prioritise results and bring the most fee to your events. It’s all about delivering value to you and your business. No matter if you expect a few people or a huge crowd, our photo booth has everything you need for 360 events.

With our 360 photo booth for events, you may loosen up and trust our group to have your back. When you select our 360 photo booth packages, we ensure you and your visitors are satisfied. Nothing will overdo, feel disturbed, or exceed your budget.

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Our 360 Photo Booth Setup Is Quick and Easy!

Some of our booths are easy to get to and don’t require Spinpod crew members to attend the event. Our educated, expert attendants are simply as outgoing and fun as professionals. What to anticipate:

1. Before Your Event

The Spinpod team will arrive with sufficient time to set up and test your 360 photo Booth for events before the agreed-upon time begins. In most instances, this setup requires approximately a few minutes and hours.

2. During Your Event

Team Spinpod will ensure things run easily while motivating your guests to enjoy the 360 booth. 

3. After Your Event

Team Spinpod will take all the tools and cargo out of your venue immediately after your 360 events. This system typically takes much less than one hour. It’s that simple; you shouldn’t worry about anything besides stepping up on our 360 photo booth and smiling for the camera as we handle everything from start to finish.

Spinpod 360 Photo Booth Creates The Best Content A Video Booth Can Offer

It’s no wonder why our 360 photo booth became so popular. Aside from the glamorous appearance and feel effects of the 360 levels of video capturing, the 360 picture booth does not fall short on its beautifying filters. Our 360 photo booth uses the best-in-elegance AI Filtration to extract a picture from the movie and place you in a virtual legacy.

Now you understand why 360 events and content creators are leaning towards using Spinpods’ 360 video booth as part of their advertising channels for activities and promotions.

One 360 Photo Booth

Why pick out our Photo Booth for Your 360 Events?

360° Immersive Experience

Say goodbye to standard photo booths. Our 360 photo booth allows your visitors to step into the spotlight and create interactive memories from every perspective. Captivate your target audience with breathtaking 360-degree videos that might be Instagram-worthy!

Industry Pioneers

As the trendsetter of the 360 photo booth in Sydney, we’ve got a proven track file of delivering amazing service to limitless clients. Our massive experience makes us the go-to desire for the 360 booth era.

Data Protection Priority

We know the importance of information protection, and that’s why we’ve strict measures. Unlike some other businesses, we prioritise safeguarding your photos and videos and making sure they stay safe.  

Melbourne 360 Booth

Expert Technicians

Our professional technicians are nicely versed in handling the 360 photo booth events each day. They understand exactly how to engage guests, ensuring a laugh and secure experience for every concerned guest.

High-Quality Videos

Expect nothing less than top-notch! Our 360 photo boots give high-resolution photos showing your occasion’s buzz and excitement. With TikTok and Instagram optimisation, guests can right away share digital copies on social media.

Inexpensive Photography Offerings

With the help of a superior 360-rotating photo booth, you can provide your visitors with a splendid event experience. By investing in our photo booth, you can save your money from highly-priced professional photographers. With expert pictures and photographs, your guests could have a memorable experience. Most occasion organisers use our 360 photo booths to save their money. 

Make Your Visitors Feel a Part Of 360 Events!

Whether it is a corporate occasion or a social event, target audience engagement is vital for a successful event. Using our 360 photo booth at your event is one of the best and most creative thoughts that will let you level up your occasion. It can inspire your guests to take high-quality snapshots and videos with a single click. To ensure your guests and clients have the most enjoyable time taking images during the events, book our photo booth today!  Don’t wait! Contact us today to book your slot and make your upcoming 360 events more memorable!