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SpinPod 360 will help you make memories and take the traditional photo booth to a whole new level with our 360 Video Booth. SpinPod 360 provides an advanced and fun 360° photo booth experience with Australia’s first and only glass-top LED video booth. Move on with the times and away from the boring 4 image photo booth option and get access to 360° videos to capture the memories and beauty of every event. You will love your next-level experience producing an instant edited video that can be shared across multimedia within seconds. All you need to do is show of your dance moves or strike a pose and our software will immediately edit, process, and upload your video. Your video clip will be ready for you to view and share on social media using a 360 slow-motion video booth sharing station.

360 Video Booth

We will create the magic for you, using a camera mounted to a motorized rotating arm and a slow-motion camera. Check it out! You’ll be able to transform your photobooth experience with Australia’s first and only glass-top LED Spin Pod. Instead of squeezing into a small photo booth, you will step onto a podium (pod) that can fit up to 4-6 people. Enjoy the Hollywood experience! You can create custom arrangements, promote your business, and make your guests’ experiences memorable with this service.

Corporate Branding

Brand our SpinPod HUB at your next event to make your SpinPod 360 experience even more unique. Ask us How?

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Reach out to us today and let’s start capturing your moments in mesmerising Slow-Mo with SpinPod 360

No Event Limitation

One Click Away

Step onto our Spin Pod and you are just one step away from achieving an exciting video clip. Our attendees will ensure your experience is personalised by instantly adjusting the timing, speed, and music to provide a 360 slow-motion boomerang video. Your slow-mo video can be instantly shared from our SpinPod share station using SMS, Air Drop, QR Code, Whatsapp, or email. It is your choice. Due to the assistance from our attendees, we are able to increase the level of efficiency, prioritise your safety and ensure a surely enjoyable experience you and your guests will be excited about.

Capture Your Moment

Slow-motion videos are captured by a camera that covers all angles during the 360 Video experience. The ultimate solution for marketers seeking to meet their marketing objectives is the customization and special effects possibilities. Step and Spin! Amazing for all your wedding entertainment, event entertainment, birthday entertainment, and corporate event entertainment. Be it indoors or outdoors, the final product is made to impress. Once you are standing on the SpinPod, it’s all lights, camera, action from there. Just ask us and we can let you know how you can impress your loved ones and guest. The effect is quite impressive. Certainly, one of the most refined forms of branding content you can find.

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Reach out to us today and let’s start capturing your moments in mesmerising Slow-Mo with SpinPod 360

How it Works


An experienced SpinPod 360 team member will initiate the spin, illuminating your dance moves or poses with an array of captivating lights that sweep around the platform for 5 to 8 seconds resulting in a mesmerizing 15-25 second Slow-Mo video.


A SpinPod 360 staff member will begin the spin which captures your dance moves or poses with a camera that rotates around the platform for 5 to 8 seconds. This produces a 15-25 second Slow-Mo video.


Make your way to the SpinPod 360 sharing station where you can save your video clip directly to your phone and immediately share to Social Media, email, text or WhatsApp.

Why Choose Spin Pod?

Ease of Use

Taking 360 photos is now easy, quick, and automatic! The portable and versatile 360 Video Booth is perfect for any event, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Don’t let your photo be just another boring one! Take it to the next level with a 360 video booth hire!

Spin Pod 360 Commitment

Our company is committed to offering customers a personalized and unique photo booth experience with our Spin Pod, while integrating the latest technology available to the market. We can achieve much more than you may expect from our SpinPod since we use interactive and social media tools.

Leave An Impression

Using our 360 degree video booth, you’ll be able to capture every detail of your event. With 360 Picture Booth, it is possible to compress and upload a video to a sharing station in seconds with bespoke branding and sound. With some of the quickest processing power of any other video photo booth available, our 360 slow motion video booth leaves people in awe!

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Reach out to us today and let’s start capturing your moments in mesmerising Slow-Mo with SpinPod 360

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